Zest’s Training Log – 12.11.16

More base training this week before ramping up for Boston. Since I’m still easing back into things, I tried running every other day to see how it felt. I think it was pretty successful!

Obligatory artsy Washington Monument photo!
Obligatory artsy Washington Monument photo!

Sunday, 12/4 – I was signed up to run a holiday 5K today, but when my alarm went off, I felt terrible. I decided to scrap it and go back to bed. I’m glad I did because after 3 hours of additional sleep, I was feeling much better. Normally I would be annoyed at skipping a race, but I’m trying to get better about listening to my body, and today it needed sleep!

Monday, 12/5 – 6 miles @ 8:33 avg. pace. This run felt kind of hard, and my heart rate was too high for the pace.

Tuesday, 12/6 – OFF.

Wednesday, 12/7 – 5 miles @ 8:31 avg. pace. This run felt much easier than Monday’s run, and my heart rate was lower. I’m just going to stop paying attention to my watch from now on. Had a visit to my PT at lunch, and she did some pretty intense Graston on my quad and all along my IT band. Lots of bruising!

Thursday, 12/8 – OFF.

Friday, 12/9 – 3 miles easy with no watch.

Saturday, 12/10 – OFF. This is usually my long run day, but I had something mid-morning I had to do, so I slept in a bit and decided to push this run to Sunday.

Sunday, 12/11 – 9 miles @ 8:11 avg. pace. Felt great! I was definitely starting to feel like my old self again on this run, which was kind of awesome.

TOTAL: 23 miles

A former field hockey goalkeeper, I discovered a love for marathons in 2014. I'm a three-time Boston qualifier with a 3:18 marathon PR and a 1:30 PR in the half. When I'm not dodging tourists while running on the National Mall, I work as a lawyer in Washington, D.C. I write about training, competition, and everything in between.

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  1. Whoo hoo! Winter is a good time to get better about not eyeballing your watch constantly — just leave it under your sleeve! (And if you wear mittens, it’s too hard to pull it back and look!)