Zest’s Training Log – 11.27.16 – 12.3.16

Oyez, oyez, oyez: Boston training starts now!

I’m back, baby. Slowly, cautiously, but I’m back. Now that we’re 19 weeks out from Boston, it’s probably time to start building back the base. Base building can be incredibly frustrating for me because I keep expecting to pick up right where I left off, but it just doesn’t work like that. Oh well.

I’m feeling much better after my chunk of time off, but I’m still struggling a bit with motivation, probably because of the aforementioned desire to pick up right where I left off.ย I’ve decided that slow and steady is the best way to ease back into things because I don’t want to do too much too soon and burn myself out again. Right now, the plan is to work primarily on building up my mileage until I’m twelve weeks out from race day, at which time I’ll attempt the 12/55 plan from Pfitzinger’s Advanced Marathoning book.

Here’s how the week went:

Sunday, 11/27 – OFF.ย Traveled back to DC from a lovely Thanksgiving with my family in Louisville.

Monday, 11/28 – 5 miles @ 8:40 avg. pace, which felt much harder than it used to when this was my recovery pace. Still, it felt good to be out there. + PT exercises.

Tuesday, 11/29 – 3.25 miles @ 10:17 pace. Kept this super easy — tried to keep my heart rate under 150 (my max is >200), which was mostly successful, but it kept going up when I thought about it, and then I would stress myself out about it, which would make it go up more, so I would slow down more. This run was not very relaxing because of all of this obsessing, but I ended up with an avg. HR of 150 for the run.

Wednesday, 11/30 – OFF.

Thursday, 12/1 – OFF.

Friday, 12/2 – 3.25 miles @ 10:07 avg. pace. See Tuesday’s entry — same thing re: obsessing with my heart rate.

Saturday, 12/3 – 8.25 miles @ 8:17 avg. pace. Ran this one with my running group while chatting the whole way and without looking at pace or heart rate at all. I’ll give you one guess at the result — yep, my heart rateย was the same as Tuesday and Friday (150) even though the pace was two minutes faster and the run was five miles longer. There’s probably a lesson here.

TOTAL: Almost 20.

A former field hockey goalkeeper, I discovered a love for marathons in 2014. I'm a three-time Boston qualifier with a 3:18 marathon PR and a 1:30 PR in the half. When I'm not dodging tourists while running on the National Mall, I work as a lawyer in Washington, D.C. I write about training, competition, and everything in between.

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  1. I’ve used that plan for probably 8 of my 12 marathons, I think. The only thing that I didn’t love was the long marathon pace run early in the plan. I never quite felt ready for it (I want to say it’s 12 miles with 8 at MGP), but that’s probably because I was underprepared and over-ambitious, haha. But it worked great for me!

    I love using HR for recovery days. (In fact, I got too good at it and my coach told me to start sandbagging). I try to be in the 140s. I think once you’ve done it for a couple of weeks, you’ll know what the appropriate pace “feels” like and you can stop looking. Or can you set an alert if you go over a certain number (say 155), and then you don’t have to look? Just listen, and if it beeps, ease up?

    Sounds like a nice, solid week without being too much “in training”!