Your Track Trials Get Pumped Reading List & 10k Bingo!

Almost time!
Almost time!

Oh yeah, baby! It’s finally here! TRACK TRIALS! WOOO! At 11:00 a.m. Pacific time, Hayward Field is going to be jumping! Well, actually throwing, as the men shot-putters kick things off. However, as a site dedicated to distance runners, the first event for us is the women’s 10,000 meters happening tomorrow at 11:04 a.m. Pacific. While our Trials correspondent, Oregano, is in Track Town getting the skinny in person, back at Salty basecamp we’ve been reading and watching some awesome stuff that’s getting us pumped, and you know we’re getting our Bingo on while we watch NBC’s sure-to-be amazing (uh) coverage!

And of course, you know we wouldn’t do this without including you! So, after the jump get our recommended Trials pump-up reads (and vids) and your very own personal Bingo cards! 

  • If you’re one for planning, like Barley, this viewer’s guide to the Olympics is just the ticket. And even if you’re not, it will help you forget Zika and poop water just long enough to excite you about the Rio.
  • We can’t leave out the field side of the sport! I first heard of Vashti Cunningham on NPR when I was driving. As soon as I got home, I had to read more. Here’s a look at this high jump superstar and daughter of a football legend.
  • Paprika interviewed her for us a couple of months ago, and now Kaitlin Gregg Goodman is in Eugene and ready to go. In her most recent blog post, she takes us to Track Town and gives us an inside look at life right before the biggest race of her career!
  • Speaking of inside looks, Ginger also recommends you follow along with Alysia Montano’s snaps (alysiamontano) for can’t-beat, although highly entertaining realness!
  • Lastly, doping scandals got you down? This hilarious John Oliver episode about doping will have you crying … because you’re laughing so hard:

If you’ve read or watched something that got you in the Trials mood, please share!

And nooooooow! BINGO!

Get your printer-friendly version right here, boo.

Don’t forget to refresh before you print; each card is made just for you!

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Tune into NBC for live coverage (Dear, God, please let it not completely suck) at 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific and join us on Twitter or Instagram using #TrialsBingo to play along. Let us know when you get a square and share screen shots or photos of your printed bingo boards with us! Good luck and USA! USA! USA!

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