What’s Your Running Resolution?

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Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013! It’s New Years, which means it’s time to fight the crowds of newbies at the gym to find a free treadmill. More importantly, it’s time to make our resolutions and plan out our 2013 running goals. Today we bring you the Salty Bloggers’ running resolutions and goals for the coming year. What are yours?


As someone whose favorite section of the book store is Self Help, I love resolutions and goals. I don’t ever wait until New Year’s to make either, but this year is different. Having a baby just one month ago makes this a perfect time to look ahead. I hope to be much more fearless in 2013. I want to attack both my fears of failure and my fear of success. I want to grow a pair and attack my goals with gusto! Addressing fear and running fearless will be on the top of my post topic list this year, too, so if you’re looking to get more fearless, I’m looking forward to sharing the journey with you.



I’ve never been much of a resolution-maker, since I don’t trust myself to follow through (heh), but in 2009 I resolved to make running a big part of my life and that seemed to work out! So this year I’m giving it a go again and resolving to train myself as a whole athlete, which means training to run, but incorporating other exercises into my training. I’ve gotten really good about stretching, but I know I need to strengthen and tone my entire body to get to the next level and I really want to get to the next level!  In short, I resolve to make a plan for strength training and sticking to it.



My running resolution is to figure out my primary motivation for running. As I become more invested in my career, I’m starting to question this competitive running stuff. Lately, I’ve been feeling worn down, de-motivated, and stressed out when it comes to doing track workouts, tempos, and timed long runs. I seem to have misplaced my joy for running, while my love for my career grows. I hope to be able to be more honest with myself and why I want what I want. I’m starting to feel OK with the idea that I can still be a fan of the sport (and of my fellow running buddies) while using running as a hobby that relieves stress, rather than creating it.



I am a goal-setter by nature, so I love setting running resolutions each year when January 1 rolls around.  This year is particularly special to me because it marks the 15th year that I have called myself a runner.  Pretty awesome.  Other than to continue running and getting stronger, here are my 2013 goals:

1.  Find my running mojo.  This is my most immediate goal.  I am not sure why, but since my big PR at the Chicago Marathon in October, my motivation has left the building.  I’ve been in slumps before and I know it will pass, but I am resolving to get on that sooner than later.  When I have to drag myself out for every run, training isn’t nearly as fun.  So I am resolving to find the fun and get into my training 100%.  My coach is unwittingly helping me with this goal by starting up speed work this week.  Perfect timing.

2.  Set a personal record in the half marathon and 10k this spring.  I have never trained for those distances, but this winter/spring, I decided to forego my usual marathon training and shoot for shorter distances.

3.  Run a sub 3:20 marathon in the fall.  This is the big one considering that I just finally ran a 3:23 after chasing 3:25 for 5+ years.  But I believe in my coach’s methods and I think I have it in me, so I am going after it.



My 2013 ny resolution is to do core/hip strength 2x a week.


A little more yoga and good healthy cooking will go a long way for many of us!


My New Year’s resolution is to take a more holistic approach to my training and stay healthy in 2013! Instead of making my training all about the numbers and checking off workouts on my training plan, I would like to focus more on the big picture: getting enough sleep, strengthening my core, cross training and making healthier food choices. Hopefully these will help me improve as a runner in the long run!



first, as shared in last week’s post, to stop taking walking breaks unless medically necessary!  if the dog has to stay home, so be it. Second, to shave a minute off my typical training pace, which lately has been hovering near 11-minute mile pace. And the third is social … to learn  at least the names of some of the many runners I pass regularly but have never gotten to know!



My running resolution for next year is to be more consistent with my training. If I can nail that, all of the other goals I have for this year – get back into shape, run longer, run faster – will fall into place.



To incorporate new and different exercises/cross-training to blend with my usual running. I find myself getting into the routine of strictly running and doing nothing else. I tend to stay away from cross-training or weight lifting, doing little yoga really nothing outside of my “comfort” zone of putting one foot in front of the other. To spark the possibility of waking up new muscles and breaking outside my plateau of running, I’d like to try the following exercises and incorporate them into my weekly exercise routines in 2013:


Not only would zumba be good for my muscles, but also my mind! I used to be a dancer (tap and jazz) up until I was 18, and I truly miss it! Even though I don’t consider myself coordinated, I’m sure I’d be just fine- as long as I hid in the back of the class.



My most important of the three running related resolutions I have is to run a sub-4:00 marathon.



These last couple of months have been rough.  Between work life and my medical life, I’ve allowed myself to lose the routine and discipline I had worked so hard for.  So, my running resolution is to get back on track (BA DUM TSS).  Starting the year with a slow work life really will help me get back to a running routine.  Then, next holiday season, I won’t be so easily derailed.  I feel like a lot of speed-bumps tripped me up in my beginning runner progress and I’m looking forward to a smoother 2013…or at least better skills at handling those bumps in the road.

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. By day she's a camera assistant for films and tv in New York, and by night she's on a quest for zen in the 10k. Her writing is a mix of satirical humor, finding wholeness as an average runner, cheering for runners at all paces and more.

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  1. Salty, I’m totally with you! Being more fearless is how I had wanted to start out 2012, but kind of forgot about it after a month or so. We should definitely hold each other accountable!

  2. I’ve never made a running resolution before, but this post inspired me to do it. My resolution is to be a less PR driven, Type A runner and to try and enjoy the experience more. I have a goal of running a half marathon each month, and to try new races instead of just signing up for those I usually do. The expectations I set for myself are ridiculously high, which can spoil the fun of participating. This year I want to run because I love it, PR or not.