Weekly Roundup: September 27, 2019

Runners Jeannette Faber, Alexandra Bernardi, Melissa Burkart, Mackenzie Howe and Keely Maguire
Runners Jeannette Faber, Alexandra Bernardi, Melissa Burkart, Mackenzie Howe and Keely Maguire at the 2016 US Olympic Trials Marathon

Happy Friday! We’re bringing back a Salty Running tradition – the weekly roundup – and putting a new spin on it.  The new weekly roundup is my hot take on what you should read from the interwebs from the world of (women’s) running that week. Some of the links will relate to training, others to specific experiences of women runners – some will focus on major women’s accomplishments in running and race updates. And others will relate to running, maybe tangentially, but in ways that I hope will be enlightening, empowering, or motivating. Look for it in your feeds and on the site every Friday.

First, don’t miss the Fast Women newsletter with women-centric racing updates from the weekend and a compendium of women’s running articles, posts, and podcast episodes. If you don’t subscribe to the newsletter, you can wait until Friday for me to share it here, but you really should be subscribing.

In other newsletter updates, Run the North has a great preview of the Berlin Marathon. The newsletter and update is, as one might surmise from the name, Canadian-centric, but it’s a great update and overview for everyone. PodiumRunner just posted a women’s preview of the Berlin Marathon as well. It’s going to be a must-watch race.

David Roche has a great article for post-race workouts at Trail Runner. But don’t let your skepticism keep you from clicking through, David Roche never fails to have good training advice.

Sophie Grant talks about her decision not to start Snowdon Skyline. DNS/DNF decisions often feel like failures, but I love her honesty and discussion of how health took priority.

More from David Roche, about how trail running includes walking. Heck, I call this “power hiking” when I talk about my races, but I’m glad we’re talking about it. Yes, you are still a runner if you walk. And yes, you can still finish a race strongly if you walked.

Y’all, this is my favorite piece from Outside this week. Hilary Oliver talks about how running has kept her and her sister close through moves, health challenges, EDs, and more.

The North team warms up along the lakeshore
The North team warms up along the lakeshore.

PodiumRunner has an excerpt from Amazing Racers, a book about the winningest cross-country team ever. This reminds me of our own cross country season series North from a few years ago. All the cross country feels.

Okay, this link isn’t from this week or even this month. But since this is my first roundup, I feel like I must share, and you must read this post from Trail Sisters about barriers to women’s equality in running.

On a related note, but not from the world of running, Anaheed Saatchi, writing for Outside, talks about how external factors like racism and sexism impact one’s ability to take big risks in climbing. Running performance isn’t simply related to training volume, course, and the others factors we talk about on the regular. Inclusivity and feeling supported and like one belongs is often a precursor to being able to take (athletic) risks.

What, the Wall Street Journal is writing about running? This article is about Jeannie Rice’s epic marathon time.

Bad news. Deena won’t be running Berlin after all because of a fractured ankle. She was in pursuit of a world majors finishers medal, so this is a huge bummer. Sending positive and healing thoughts her way.

Speaking of Olympians, it’s not looking good for Russian athletes. Seems that they aren’t exactly getting their act together, and this means they might even miss the Olympics if WADA extends the ban.

This interview with Ajee Wilson is a must read. Heading into the Worlds, Ajee discusses prep and tougher topics, like the competition ban on women with testosterone levels above a certain level.

ICYMI, Boston qualifying standards were announced. Thoughts? Do the times need to be changed again so folx who qualify aren’t prevented from registering? Or?

What’d I miss? Other important news, updates, great articles from the running world on your mind?

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