Weekly Roundup: October 4, 2019

Hey again, and happy autumn. Except it’s not autumn here, like at all. But the news keeps coming, and I keep telling you about it every Friday in the weekly roundup.

First, as always, catch up on last week’s women’s running news via the Fast Women newsletter. This week’s features results from the IAAF championship and the Berlin Marathon.

Speaking of the IAAF championships, it seems the entire running world was upset about them being hosted in Doha. It is very hot in Doha, indeed. There was also reportedly a “filling the stands problem.” I’m not taking sides here, and I can’t imagine anyone suggesting that hosting a marathon that has to start at midnight where over a third of the field doesn’t finish is “good for the sport.” But, unpopular opinion here, I am not sure I think it is so bad that the IAAF is organizing championships in places IAAF doesn’t normally go. It’s not like track meets sell out on the regular in my part of the world, either, and there are always stories about folx having to do special training when competing in meets at altitude. So, is this meet in Doha really so terrible?

Does climate change impact running? Obviously, yes, and Tim Huebsch breaks it down for iRun.ca. BL:UF Extreme weather, cancelled races.

Another favorite from the archives: To all the women who think they’re faster than me from Brendan Leonard of Semi-Rad. I’m not going to explain, but trust me, you want to read this.

I’m a sucker for FKT posts in general, but I was super excited to see the first article in a series of posts about Danielle Snyder’s attempt of the women’s FKT of the Pacific Crest Trail from Podium Runner. I didn’t realize, although I’m not surprised, that the balance was so heavily weighted to men on established FKTs. More fuel for my fire.

The biggest news story of the week is about Salazar’s ban for doping. We wrote about it on Wednesday, and Erin Strout did a fantastic job breaking down the timeline that led to the doping ban for Runner’s World. My only remaining question is the same one I asked on Twitter: why is this shocking to anyone? Seriously. Oh, and also, believe women. I see you, Kara Goucher.

Have you ever experienced a pre-workout bonk? I have, and it sucks, but I never knew what it was – now I do and how it prevent it.

In the race on Saturday, I stopped an unofficial aid station from giving a runner ibuprofen – I was shocked that ultrarunners didn’t know the risk of taking ibuprofen, especially during a super hot and humid ultra-endurance race. In responding to Ironman’s sponsorship deal with Aleve, this article breaks down the risks. Be careful, y’all.

Check out Roberta Groner, 5th place woman in Berlin. She ran an amazing race, and is, well, just all-around pretty amazing.

Huge news week! Thoughts about Doha? Salazar? Aleve?

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