Weekly Roundup: October 11, 2019

Good morning from Golden, Colorado, where the weather is fine, and it is definitely winter autumn. Let’s get to this week’s women’s running news (and, well, any other news that I think is relevant, important, or interesting).

First, the Fast Women newsletter this week is on fire. Check out all of the women’s results from Doha and the best takes on the ongoing Salazar drama. Speaking of Salazar, Kara Goucher’s much awaited response to the ban came out last week and it is 🔥🔥🔥.

ICYMI, our own Chicory previewed the women’s field in Sunday’s Chicago Marathon and made a few predictions of her own. Check it out for the scoop on who’s running, spectator tips and how to watch at home.

In the ongoing debate on what everyone should be eating, scientists create clickbait for a scientific journal with a title that basically says, “hey, y’all, red meat is totes fine, eat all you want.” Not so fast, everyone else says. I just want to know if those scientists were sponsored by the beef lobby. But even if so, and in fairness, the pharmaceutical industry has been “sponsoring” for years, so if the beef industry was behind this, should we really just be asking what took them so long? Are faux burgers really that big of a threat to the beef industry?

Speaking of imposters (oof, bad pun), David Roche writes for Trail Runner about imposter syndrome. He delves into the details, and how imposter syndrome can make us feel like others think we aren’t enough, when it’s actually imposter syndrome rearing it’s ugly head. You are enough. Full stop.

And speaking of combating imposter syndrome, Lia Ditton writes about her attempt(s) to row the North Pacific. In her post, she talks about being afraid and how that is okay. This level of candor is important — fear is normal and healthy, and even the pros have it.

I love this series from Ultrarunning magazine (though not the name so much, although I understand the reference), that focuses on “regular” runners. Following Roche’s advice above, you are a runner, whether you are winning races or not.

A post for master’s runners and those who will become one, someday. That’s everyone, y’all. Read it.

Two great features this week on women ultrarunners killing it in the sport: Magda Boulet became an ultrarunner after being a successful marathoner, and Courtney Dauwalter is one of the most impressive ultrarunners across genders.

Becky Wade Firth updates us on her training as Toronto Marathon approaches. I love her approach to knowing when she should run through pain and when she knows it’s time to take a break.

Chicory on the treadmillAnd, of course, now that temps are dropping, we get a run (ha) of treadmill posts. Even Refinery29 is in the game, with tips for treadmill running. Matt Fitzgerald has something to say, too, but his notes about how we can’t trust our treadmill are both motivating and depressing. That’s why, in part, my coach has me train by feel.

If you’ve been following Amelia Boone’s story of eating disorder treatment and recovery, her post earlier this week talks more about feelings and allowing oneself to feel. I’ve been thinking a lot along these lines, and I appreciate how she is putting into words some of her struggles in ED recovery.

And finally, Mark Remy of Dumb Runner breaks down running myths. Belly laughs FTW.

What else caught your eye this week? 

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