Weekly Roundup: November 8, 2019

Instead of the New York City Marathon, NBC showed me car racing. Which is like not at all the same thing. Luckily, I caught up on all the women’s running results from the Fast Women newsletter.

In case you aren’t convinced that we should focus on conservation, here is more on the connection between conservation and running from Trail Runner magazine. If you aren’t trying to reduce your environmental footprint, why not?

I legit love it when the non-running ezines I read talk about running, but this one is my absolute favorite this year: Some Personal News—I Love Not Running Marathons. This reminds me of Caraway’s great piece a few weeks ago about how spectating the Berlin Marathon inspired her to sign up for the lottery for 2020. While marathons don’t inspire me, ultra recaps do, so I get it. And, frankly, I’m here for anything that gets folx to either run or support runners.

Speaking of inspiration, I loved this article on the women of NAZ Elite and they they are supporting each other toward Olympic success. The NAZ team has long been my favorite, and this exemplifies why.

So, your family/friends/coworkers still insist on telling you running is bad for your health? Refer them here.

Just in case you thought Nike couldn’t get any worse… Mary Cain’s piece in the New York Times. I’m wondering, can we collectively agree to stop supporting them? Sure, they sponsored a rainbow track and had the Kaepernick ad, but their policies and practices systemically marginalized and broke down women. It’s time for a reckoning, Nike.

And, finally, more in women’s FKT news, with this simply amazing story of Nancy East’s LeConte FKT. Check out her website, as well, it is a vast resource and well written and organized.

Light news week? What’d I miss?

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