Weekly Roundup: November 15, 2019

This week’s roundup is coming to you from perhaps the second most wonderful place in the United States, Portland, Oregon. Alas, I’m not going to make it to Eugene, but let’s face it: anything touched by Nike has sort of lost its luster. At least, it has for me.
Speaking of Nike, this week’s Fast Women newsletter kicks off with a fantastic piece on Mary Cain. It is well-written, comprehensive, and I can’t read it without getting upset again. First, this culture wasn’t limited to Salazar, et al.’s treatment of Cain, but perpetuated throughout the team’s history. And this isn’t just a Nike-Salazar, it is sadly very common across girls’ and women’s track and field. How many more times will we allow organizations and coaches to hurt women athletes? This treatment is systemic and further evidence of a deeply rooted gendered system that marginalizes, silences, and harms women athletes. I agree that one solution is more women in leadership and coaching roles, but there also needs to be real consequences for these actions along with deep systemic change.

The North Face 50-mile championships are this weekend, and irunfar.com has a comprehensive preview of the women’s race. Most interesting other than the profiles is the live updates to who is not racing (as indicated by strikethrough). It’s like watching paint dry, but I’m here for it.

Just in case you weren’t already feeling a ton of pressure to not get injured, apparently, worrying about getting injured could also be contributing to your risk of getting injured again. Okay, it’s not that simple, but still, didn’t we have enough to worry about?

This piece, from TrainingPeaks, is written for coaches, but I think it is a good read for anyone coming back from a race that didn’t go as planned. Although, I wish they would have started with, “yo, it’s totes fine to be bummed, but like, only for a bit.” This is why they don’t get me to write these articles, clearly.

In the world of concepts I love and can totally get behind, StrongRunnerChicks features a women runner in a positive way that is motivating and inspiring each week. You can nominate a runner (including yourself) to be featured in the series.

Finally, this. Yes, just yes. Worse is pants with pockets sewn closed. I can’t even.

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