Wasabi’s (Tardy) Boston Training Log, Week 10: 3/3 – 3/9

Boston Training Week 10: Wasabi channels some serious #pickypower to get her through yet another grueling run on the treadmill. #TeamPurpleFTW
Boston Training Week 10: Wasabi channels some serious #pickypower to get her through yet another grueling run on the treadmill. #TeamPurpleFTW

So I recently transitioned from a job where I mostly sat at a computer doing errr, “administrative things” (i.e. blissfully writing my Salty Running training log at work) into a job that keeps me running around like a banshee all day er’ry day. This has been a healthy change for my sanity and work enjoyment level, but sadly it has been at the expense of my Salty Running blogging punctuality. And let’s face it, I wasn’t doing all that great with blogging punctuality, or any other type of punctuality for that matter to begin with.

What I’m trying to say here is that this post my chronicles week 10 of my Boston Marathon training cycle, and that was 2 weeks ago. Weeks 11 and 12 are soon forthcoming, I swear, but in the meantime, read all about the 54 miles of awesomeness that made Week 9 one for the books!

Monday, 3/3: After Sunday’s 20 mile long run, I traded in my usual Monday Runday for Monday rest day. It was pretty sleety and gross today, so I think it all worked out just fine.

Tuesday, 3/4, 6.1 Easy(ish) miles.  I was hoping to get in 6 to 8 easy today, but as usual I was tight on time and busy running from this client to that job, etc.  Furthermore, I am far too lazy to get up  and get shit done early on my own, and  since I couldn’t convince anyone to brave the bitter cold for a pre-dawn run with me, I found myself squeezing it in solo at the always-odd-to-me 11 am time slot. But you do what you gotta do to get the miles in…

It was chilly and a little slippery-ish, but I felt mostly good and since I was pretty pressed for time and trying to maximize my mileage, I went ahead and dropped it down to MGP after a little 2 mile warm-up, and even made up for those 6x 30 sec strides that I eighty-sixed in favor of catching up with friends on Saturday. AND I ran into my  fabulous friend Caren and got to visit with her a little! #winning!

Hooray for feeling good and unbroken after Monday’s 20, and to getting it done!

Wednesday, 3/5, 2x (4x 800m). This week the BAA’s Intermediate Boston Marathon training program called for 2 sets of 4x 800 meters at 10K pace with 5 minutes rest between sets, so I headed out to the track to meet up with Kara and Laura M. for the workout. I was advised by Coach Saffron to aim for 3:10ish pace for the intervals, although that is a good deal faster than my real-life 10K pace.

Here’s what I actually ran… Set 1: 3:10, 3:05, 3:03, 3:01. Set 2: 3:08, 3:02, 3:03, 3:03. All things considered, I felt good and strong, and I was pretty pleased with the consistency of my splits. I just wish I had a teeny bit more time to get in a few extra miles, but alas, my crazy life of running from one job to the next to the next continues to prevail. Cheers to having a little company on the track and to being one more speed workout out closer to Boston!

Thursday, 3/6, Easy Peasy 8.09 miles. For the 2nd Thursday in a row I had the pleasure of running with the fun and entertaining dynamic duo of running pals Karen and Jen. I had 6 miles of great conversation with them before dropping them off at The Bean (our fave coffee shop and the starting point of today’s run) to finish up the last 2 solo. Hooray for fun miles, great company, and the gateway to the weekend!

Friday, 3/7, Back to the Dreadmill, 8.02 miles. I woke up this morning to find that it was cold and precipitating a wintry mix out. Needless to say, this did not make me excited about the 2x 15min tempo workout the was on my training calendar for today. I decided to do a little schedule rearranging and postpone my run until after my am personal training client. I thought I might take advantage of my new-found morning free time by heading over to the gym to do a little core work. In the end, the yucky weather rendered me too lazy to leave my house, so I substituted some leisurely coffee drinking for core work. And then it was STILL wintery mixing like a boss out after my PT appointment, so I begrudgingly drove back over to the gym to grind out some miles on the TM.

I just couldn’t find the mental fortitude for the sustained hard effort on the treadmill, so I opted for some shorter, faster intervals instead. 8 not-too-terribly-miserable miles and 6x 1 min at 10K pace followed by 6x 1 min at 5K pace later, another sweaty, unglamorous treadmill run was in the books.

Hooray for dry, climate controlled running, and TGIF!

Saturday, 3/8, Just Another Happy Little Donut Shop Run! 8.02 miles. Today I met up with yet another set of darling, fabulous running buddies, Sarah K. and Caren M. So happy to have some fun friends to hang out with on this chilly, slippery Saturday morning! I did a little slipping and sliding both in the car on the drive over and on the run itself. But by the time all was said and done it had warmed up quite a lot and things were starting to thaw out. Great to get some easy miles in without face-planting. Cheers to the weekend, y’all!

Sunday, 3/9, Garmin Trouble in Sunday Funday Land. 16 miles. Today I had an exceptionally awesome long run! The weather was marvelous, tons of my favorite peeps showed up to make it extra-fun, I saw even more of my favorite faces out on the trail, and to top it all off I felt absolutely great! Today’s 16 miles was supposed to include 2x 2 miles at MGP, but since I was feeling unstoppable and also because I bailed on this week’s tempo workout on account of inclement weather, I went ahead and upped the ante to 3x 2 miles at half marathon goal pace. (I know they say that you have to let missed workouts go and that there’s no use in making them up, but I felt good, so I went with it.) I mean, seriously guys, have you EVER IN YOUR LIFE said to yourself on your long run “You know, I feel really great today and I think I would like to do some additional miles at a hard effort.”? Yeah, me neither. But it happened today, I swear it!

Naturally, I was super-excited to get home and document all of this rainbow-and-puppy-filled awesomeness on Daily Mile, and that is when I realized that the unthinkable had happened… Somehow, (I still do not understand how), THERE IS NO RECORD OF THIS AMAZING RUN STORED IN MY GPS WATCH!!! Oh, the horror!!! I suspect the universe did this as a preemptive measure to spare you all my obnoxious gushing over my every mile split of this perfect and glorious long run. So just suffice to say that my average pace for the entire distance came out to be around 7:50 and my paces for the 3 working 2 miles efforts were roughly 7:20, 7:10, and 6:50, respectively.

In any event, I was pretty pumped and grateful to get in another long run where I felt strong throughout. Here’s hoping a can ride this little good long run streak all the way to Boston!

And so goes another week of Boston Marathon training. My so-far-so-good streak lives on for another week, and I remain cautiously optimistic about my fitness and my ability to hit the 3:19:59 goal. Looking forward to a proper fitness assessment next week at the Shamrock Half Marathon in VA Beach. Until then, you stay classy, Salty Readers!

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