Vanilla’s Training Log 9-21-14 to 9-27-14

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a log, so rather than write a novel, I decided to move forward and start-up again with this past week.  It’s been a busy few weeks including a very, windy half ironman, busy work days, a DNS, and finding out I get to work the Chicago Expo.  I get to meet Mint for the very first time!

9/21:  A DNS!  Ugh!  Went to bed feeling ready; woke up in the middle of the night with nausea, stomach cramps and just a heavy feeling.  I slept on the couch until 9:30!  As much as I hated to bag a race, I knew my body needed to rest.  After sitting around for most of the day, I took Lucy for a walk.  I tried 30 minutes of spinning in the evening–very slow, and my stomach was OK.  It was just nice to sweat.

9/22:  Still feeling a little off, but managed a workout of 5 x 6 mins under goal half marathon pace.  (Or what I mean is the pace I’d love to run a half in)!  Total 7.65 miles.  My stomach was still upset for most of the day.  Lifted in the evening then went to bed early!

9/23: 17.25 miles on the Computrainer–sweating my arse off indoors riding flats!  Ugh!  4.1 miles @ 31:15 running back to work after taking my dog home.  (We can bring our pups to work, and I usually bring her for half days then run back to work after dropping her off.  Sometimes, if I am feeling ambitious, I’ll run back home; otherwise, I take the bus home).

9/24:  7.6 miles in one hour in the morning.  2,300m in the evening.

9/25:  Another workout!  15 minutes warm-up; then 2 x 2:30 around goal 5K; 6 minutes @ half pace; 2 x 2:30; 6 minutes; 2 x 2:30.  Total of 7.65 miles in just over 53 minutes.  Legs had some surprisingly strong turnover!  Weights/core in the evening.

9/26:  6.5 miles up Boulder Canyon–I need to take my phone next time for some pictures.  Weights later.

9/27:  Master’s swim class: 1,875m, still trying to not be intimidated by all of the fast swimmers.  Even though it’s late September, most outdoor pools here are open year-round.  Great sunshine yesterday which made it easier to get in the water!  Ran 20 minutes after the swim, and managed 15 miles on the bike (easy) later in the day.


Running: 35.4 miles

Biking:  32.3 miles + 30 minutes

Swimming: 2.59 miles

Weights:  2 + hours

Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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