Vanilla’s Training Log 3-8-15 to 3-14-15

Spring is my favorite season.  I love watching the flowers bloom, and I love that the days get longer.  I do not, however, enjoy the time change.  It has always messed with me, and it takes me about a week to acclimate.  But, I always tell myself that it’s worth it.

3/8:  4 miles pretty easy, then I met my friend, Eddie, for an easy ride of just over 32 miles. The sun was shining, and the sky was bright blue, but it was right around 40 degrees and chilly at times.  It was so nice to get outside!

3/9:  Keeping in mind that I have a bad track record for workouts after waking up early on Monday morning, I slept in and did a short weight workout in the evening.

3/10:  6.3 miles in the morning with 12 x 75 seconds.  Felt pretty good, but I should have and could have gone faster.  Coached in the evening and ended up with a little over 5 miles.  We were all so happy that we didn’t have to run with headlamps!

3/11:  Core work then 4.3 miles in the morning.  The time change really messes with me, and waking up in the morning is tough.  18.5 on the trainer after work.

3/12:  2,650m swim in the morning–Master’s class, and I wasn’t last this time!  Some speedwork and drills made for a challenging class.  Ran back to work after going home to check on Lucy.  4.05 miles in 30:39.  Not sure why the pace was so quick, so I just went with it.

3/13:  Weights before 4.15 miles in 30:04 with 5 x 1 minute.  Really pushed myself to run under 6:00 pace for these intervals.  Felt hard, but I wasn’t exhausted which means I need to start challenging myself more on workouts.    In the spirit of getting in all of my workouts for the week, I turned down happy hour for a date with the gym.  1,700m swim + 30 minute spin.

3/14:  I don’t normally coach the Saturday long run for the group, but I agreed to sub for two coaches.  I ran part of the long run with the 11-12 minute pace group, then I went and met up with our beginner group to run 3 miles with them as their last official run of their program.  This was the longest a few of them had ever run, and it was such a great feeling to see them accomplish their goal.  The women I ran with wanted to run in 40:00, and we finished in 38:31!  It’s always refreshing and fun for me to see this type of excitement with beginners who are starting to learn the enjoyment of running.  I ended up with 10.3 miles for the morning.  Later in the afternoon (after a nice nap), it was time to hit the gym again for weights and 2,500m swim.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  38.35–I seem to be stuck at 38 mpw, this is the 3rd consecutive week @ 38.

Biking:  51 miles + 30 minutes

Swimming:  4.26 miles

Weights:  2+ hours


Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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