Vanilla’s Training Log 12-23-12

Wow!  Christmas is finally here!  This year has gone by so fast.  I had a nice week of training, but the highlight of the week was becoming a mommy to Lucy, a spunky, tiny and very cute three-month old Frenchie!

Sunday:  Swim Distance Challenge held by my swim coach in Ohio.  The challenge is to swim as far as you can or want to in four hours.  I did this remotely from Boulder and logged 7,500 yards!  I felt like a giant prune when I was finished.

Monday:  Easy 5.5 miles in the morning.  Weights and 30 mins. on the bike trainer in the evening.

Here’s Lucy! Weighing in at 4 lbs, and yes, her toy is as big as she is!

Tuesday:  Workout of 4K (easy) then 4K alternating effort every 400m.  Another easy run in the evening as a shakeout to total 13.2 miles for the day.

Wednesday:  Weights and bike trainer in the morning.  Coached in the evening for a total of 7.2 miles.

Thursday:  Eight miles on the trails in the morning.  Very snowy!

Friday:  Easy 5.5 miles in the morning and weights in the evening.

Saturday:  Nine miles total including a workout of 7 mins on/3 mins off (four times) followed by 10 mins hard.  Then, four hour car ride to pick-up Lucy!

Weekly Totals:

Running:  49.4 miles

Biking:  1 hour (trainer)

Swimming:  4.25 miles

Weight Training:  2 hours

Puppy Time:  LOTS on Saturday!

Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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