Vanilla’s Training Log: 10-27-13 The FINAL Countdown

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One week til Race Day!  (Photo credit: Leo Reynolds)

One week!  One week!  One week! That’s it.  After signing up for Ironman Florida nearly a year ago, race day is almost here. It’s hard to believe that it’s time.  It’s hard to believe that I have put in so many hours, logged so many miles and have eaten a ton of calories.  I am tired, ready, nervous, excited and the list of emotions continues.

I’ve skipped a few week’s worth of training logs since time seems to be working against me.  I started my taper on the 19th, two weeks before the race.  I’ve been focusing on getting to bed early and listening to my body. I also went on the ‘wagon’ and won’t treat myself to any adult beverages until after I cross that finish line.  Here is my final week of training before the race:

Sunday:  31 miles, 4 miles brick.  Finished up right before a rain/snow mix that made for a damp and cool Sunday.

Monday:  30 minutes of core/weights in the morning; 1,800 swim in the evening.

Tuesday:  4 miles. That’s it.  Felt like 20.  My body felt the taper.  I felt tired and sore.  Got my bike tuned-up and cleaned for its showing on November 2nd.  Went to bed around 9:30.

Wednesday:  Super easy 5 miles with friends before sunrise.  30 minutes of core/weights/stretching/rolling after.

Thursday:  Rest Day!  Ahhhhh!  My mind didn’t go stir crazy, and my legs felt rested.  Dropped off my bike to get shipped to Florida–this is happening!

Friday:  Met my friend, Amanda, for an easy 5 at 5:30 a.m.  The stars were still out and so was the moon.  It was a crisp morning, but very beautiful.  Some weights/core after.

Saturday:  6 miles @ 8:20 pace including 4*4 minutes with my old teammates, followed by 2.25 miles at goal marathon pace.  Later that afternoon, we joined some friends at the pool for a timed swim.  I went 90 minutes, all freestyle, no stopping! 

Weekly Totals:

Running:  27 miles

Biking:  31 miles

Swimming:  2.1 miles + 90 minutes

Weights:  90 minutes

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Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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  1. So excited for you!!! Can’t wait to hear how it goes- just keep taking care of yourself this week. I’ve read pretty much every training log you’ve posted this year, so I feel invested in your race too! Have confidence, and best of luck- I’ll be thinking of you!

    1. Thanks for reading and for your support! I have been taking full advantage of resting over these past two weeks. Thanks for reading, and I hope to have a short race recap up after it’s all over.