Vanilla’s Training Log 1-20-13

Once the extreme cold temps left Colorado, we were blessed with gorgeous weather and sunshine.  But…  even when it was only 5 degrees, it was still beautiful to get out there and run!  There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t consider myself super lucky to live here!

Sunday:  12 chilly miles in 5 degree weather, but we were blessed with bright, sunny skies and no wind.  (It was still cold, though).  About an hour of weights and core in the evening.

We are just so excited to run 12 miles when it’s a balmy 5 degrees! Thank goodness for sunshine and no wind!

Monday:  2,650 yards in the pool.  Ahhhh….  the legs needed that!

Tuesday: 8K workout with a balmy temp of 1 degree!  That’s right, 1 degree, but somehow I managed to run the 2*2K at goal half marathon pace.  Easy shakeout in the evening to total nearly 12 for the day.

Wednesday:  Weights/core, 30 mins in the trainer in the morning.  Coaching in the evening for 7 miles total. Paced two ladies on a 35 minute tempo run starting at 10 min/mile down to 8:30, which was just awesome!

Thursday:  One hour in the trainer; 5 mile run with the Newton group in the evening.  Damn, these runners are fast!

Friday:  Weights/core in the morning.  Just a wee bit over 6 miles in the evening with 50 degree temps and clear skies to see all of the stars.  All I kept thinking about was “Starry, Starry Night!

Saturday:  50 minute tempo run consisting of 30 mins then 4*5mins.  Started at 8:00/mile, ended at 6:58 pace.  About 9 miles total.

Weekly Totals:

Running:  50.4 miles

Biking:  90 mins in the trainer

Swimming:  2,650 yards (1.42 miles)

Weight Training:  2 hrs; 15 mins

Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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