Vanilla’s Catch-Up Log!

Well Salties…  the year is almost half over, and I’ve completely neglected my 2015 goal of posting my training logs timely.  The intent is there, but time has gotten the best of me.  To get caught up, I’m borrowing the format the Clove used in her recent Badwater Training Log (thanks, Clove).  I’m hopeful to get back on the posting wagon very soon!  Here are some of my training highlights from the past several weeks:

May 10th – May 16th

  • 3,500m swim–longest in about 2 years.
  • 8 x 200s at the TRACK!!!  Hit 40-41 consecutively; could barely hit 45 last summer.  (Used to hit 38s, but years ago).
  • Jumped into a Master’s swim class and wasn’t the slowest swimmer!
  • Dodged a lot of rain to get a few quick, short rides on my bike.
  • Was supposed to move into a new house about 5 miles away from our current house…BUT, during our final walkthrough, we discovered the basement had flooded with over 3 inches of standing water.  So, we were forced to find a place to live in less than 48 hours and put most of our belongings into storage.  Fortunately, a co-worker referred us to a cabin in the mountains that was fully furnished and reasonable in price.  Now, we begin living at 8,200 ft.  Living high & training low!
Home Sweet Home for the summer!  8,200 ft. high above the earth!
Home Sweet Home for the summer! 8,200 ft. high above the earth!

May 17th – May 23rd

  • Figuring out this house/move situation.  My commute to work is now 20 miles, and my husband is just about an hour.  Pretty drive through the mountains, which makes it tolerable.
  • Decent tempo run of 3 miles in 20:35.  Took out some of my aggression with some faster miles.
  • First hill workout in months!  Felt good, better than expected.
  • Managed to get in a longer ride of 63 miles before the sky opened with a downpour.  Muddy, dirty roads from the previous rains made for a muddy, dirty bike and rider.  Due to the heavy rain, I had to finish my brick workout on the treadmill.

May 24th – May 30th

  • 3,400m swim before working in our retail store for a shift during BolderBoulder weekend.  I love talking running with tourists!
  • Paced BolderBoulder sub 55 group.  Came in at just under 54 minutes with a negative split.  Three people got awesome PRs.  The pro race was at 11:00, so after, we hopped on our bikes and followed the race.
  • 9 x 200s on the track in 39-41.  Last 2 were my slowest, so I was fine cutting it off at 9.
  • 70 mile bike ride followed by an 8 mile run at sub-8 pace followed by 2 glass bottles of cold Coke which was like liquid heaven.

May 31st-June 6th

  • Sprint Tri:  1/2 mile swim; 17+ bike; 5K run.  4th AG by less than a minute.  Ugh.  Fastest 5K in my AG.
  • 10 x 200 at the track at 39-40 for National Running Day!
  • Biking lots of hills at 8,000 feet.  Quads definitely feeling the altitude!
  • Another 70 mile ride, but this time followed by a 5 mile run with 1/4 mile pickups.  Need to learn to engage those fast muscle fibers when coming off the bike.

June 7th-June 13th

  • 3,600m swim.  Ugh!  Swims this long can only mean ironman is getting closer!
  • Visited my chiro for an adjustment.  My hips and glutes feel great, but my back needed a major adjustment.  Felt about 5 lbs lighter after I was adjusted.
  • 15 mile run in Boulder averaging 8:00 pace.  Definitely felt easier running after living up high now for 4 weeks.
  • 4 mile tempo in 27:07 on the treadmill (storms in the area).  Felt better than expected!
  • Highlight of this week was the Boulder 70.3 where I PRd and was 4th in my AG.  I missed the podium by 3 minutes.  It was pretty warm when the run started, and I missed my goal time, which may have helped get me to the podium.  The heat didn’t bother me, but the paths we had to run on were dirt and gravel and very uneven due to the recent rain.  I twisted and rolled my legs a few times.  I was pleased with the race, and I know what I really need to focus on for IM Boulder.
This guy is our neighbor and greets us in the mornings.  Trying to decide on a name for him.
This guy is our neighbor and greets us in the mornings. Trying to decide on a name for him.

June 14th-June 20th

  • Rest Day on the 14th!  Took a walk, went to a coffee shop with my dog and sat outside on the patio looking at the mountains.  Ate a bunch of homemade chocolates.  Great day!
  • 2 mile open water swim + 77 mile bike ride.
  • 15+ mile long run at 4:30 p.m. in 90+ degree weather for some heat training for IM Boulder.
  • Went to bed early most nights to recover from the race and keep healthy!

And with that…  my goal is to be more timely with my training logs.  Hope you are all enjoying the summer so far!



Native Ohioan now living in Boulder, Colorado. I love to run, tri, train, eat good chocolate, drink good rum, and laugh (a lot). I am a CPA by trade and work for Newton Running.

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  1. Congrats on an amazing performance in the Boulder 70.3! Thanks for catching us up on the whirlwind of your past few weeks.