Dill’s Utah Week 4 Training Log

I can’t believe I’m a month in to this training cycle already.  The plan is different than what I’m used to, with only 2 specific workouts and the freedom to spread my mileage as I see fit across the rest of my weekly runs.  This was another good week as far as the treadmill goes…I only had one short run indoors this week!  This weekend, my little running group, Mill Stream Runners Celebrated it’s first Birthday.  We had a fun little banquet to celebrate. I ran 45 miles total and If you’re wondering what I’ve been listening to during my runs, I’ve finished up “Me Before You” and “After You” by Jojo Moyes.  While I’m waiting for the third book in the series to become available from the library I’ve moved on to “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: Buti Yoga (lots of leg work – i really liked class today) Progression run: 4 miles easy 5 miles (8:20,8:10,8:00,7:55,7:50) with 2 miles warm down – 11 miles total.  Progression ended up being (8:17, 8:08, 8:00, 7:47, 7:35) When I got to mile 4 on the progression run, the wind hit me hard.  I looked at my watch and I was slow, so I put my head down and just pushed.  When the watched beeped, I realized I was a bit fast, but I wanted to progress for the last mile, so I pushed just a bit more.

Wednesday: 6 miles easy on the treadmill.  Not loving the treadmill these days.

Thursday: rest day

Friday: Met my friend Lindsay for some easy miles.  We kept it around an 8:45 except for the 8 :20/1:40 strides/easy.  I followed up with a restorative yoga/trx stretching class. 8 miles total

Saturday: Long run – 12 easy miles, then 2 at marathon pace.  I ran 10 miles easy with Amie.  Then I went out 2 miles and came back for my 2 at marathon pace (8:10-8:15.)  I was running in a part of the park where my Garmin loses it’s mind, so I never really trust it.  I focused on picking up the pace on the last two miles.  I was a bit off and ended with a 7:57 and 7:47 for the last 2 miles.  I felt pretty good though.

Sunday: 6 miles easy around the neighborhood.  I felt pretty tired and kept the first 4 miles around a 9 minute pace.  I picked it up on the last 2 miles because I was short on time.  Overall pace 8:48

I'm a running mom of two little girls, who is busy balancing life, work and marathon training. It's always training season for me because I'm on a quest to run a marathon in every state, while constantly striving to be the best runner I can be. Running has led me to some great adventures and I always have a good story to share!

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  1. Thanks for the reading recommendations! I read the first JoJo Moyes book and saw the movie, but had no idea there were more!