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      I’m not really sure what to call this. I am finding a lot of Runner’s World kind of light recently, though they have some good feature stories. Instead I am enjoying some online publications like Mario Fraioli’s Morning Shakeout and Alison Wade’s Fast Women. I also just discovered something called “Lope” that you have to pay a yearly subscription for, but I will probably do so. And there’s another publication called “Tempo” that has some good stuff. What else is out there? Here’s the four things I just mentioned:

      Morning Shakeout Newsletter
      Fast Women

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      Outside Online has some good stuff, but they can be a little bro-y. I just subscribed to Fast Women, so glad to here that you like it!

      I follow several good running journalists on Twitter, so appreciate their links.

      Sara Germano (@germanotes)
      Bonnie D. Ford (@Bonnie_D_Ford)
      David Monti (@d9monti)

      Spikes Mag looks like it might be good.

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      Agree on Outside. They’re getting better (more women, more writers of color) after years of being extremely white bro-y, but maybe this is too little too late because they’ve lost readership – I don’t know. As a person who is happiest outdoors (mostly), I appreciate it. Tempo is sometimes good, sometimes unreadable!

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