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      When do you train solely by pace, and when by effort? I know, I know, our bodies only know effort level, but if we have a big race goal, surely we need to get our bodies on board with knowing our pace? Also, sometimes it’s easy to sandbag and tell yourself the effort level is enough when really you could be going a little faster (it would just feel more unpleasant, so you don’t.)

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      I did an entire training cycle by effort – my first marathon training cycle coming back from injury. It was partly an experiment. Something my coach and I were both interested in trying. And partly it was impossible to tell my fitness level because I had been off running for about 9 months, but had done a lot of cross training. I learned a *lot* training by effort. I think it gave me more confidence in listening to my body (hate that cliched phrase, but it fits here). On the other hand, I switched back to pace for the next two training cycles because I am a little worried I would sandbag. I would say the parameters I have now are the following:

      Easy runs are almost always by effort. They just land where they land and I don’t worry about it. Note: I am not a runner with a tendency to go too fast.

      Track workouts are always by pace. This is where I am most likely to sandbag.

      Where the effort/pace thing intersect for me is that I am more chill about things like – I was supposed to run 7:45 pace for a tempo workout, but I was jet-lagged and it was crazy windy and I only managed 8:00. Really, that’s fine – I know the effort was right so I’m good with it. Not that I am perfect about accepting this sort of thing all the time, but doing a full training cycle by effort made me a lot more confident with this sort of thing.

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      Yep I think we have similar philosophies with this! Gotta watch out for the sandbagging but also not get too caught up in the exact number on the Garmin. I was just thinking about this because I did a 10k workout by feel last Sunday and found myself thinking ay too much about the numbers afterward!

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