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      I like to run with music. I’m not a professional runner and I’m not taking home prize money and I really enjoy it, so get off my back about it, if that’s where you are headed. For years, I have used my beloved iPod Shuffle. It’s teeny tiny. I can switch playlists. It weighs nothing. I love that thing. But I love it so much that I left it in my pocket and the tights went in the laundry and…..RIP little Shuffle. So I am seeking a replacement. Right now I am using Spotify on my phone but I don’t really care for this solution. I’d rather the phone be tucked away somewhere. Does anyone have any other ideas? There is something called a Might Vibe [WHO NAMED THAT THING?] that is the size of a Shuffle, but that syncs with Spotify. I’d love to hear if anyone has used one or anything else.

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      Yes! I was also an iPod shuffle fan and was so sad when mine bit the dust. So I got the Mighty Vibe a few months ago. It works pretty well. It’s slightly thicker than the iPod. I would say there’s a slight learning curve to it, but maybe that’s just because I was Team Apple for so long. You can use regular headphones or Bluetooth headphones with it. All in all, I’d say it’s a good replacement.

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      Very cool to hear this Sassafras! I ordered a Mighty Vibe last night. I’ll let you know how it goes when it arrives. I’ve also heard that there’s a bit of a learning curve so I’ll try to be patient. Maybe my teenager can help.

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      Does apple not make a shuffle anymore? Jesus!

      I think I have an old one that I got as a wrap gift from Mr. Stiller on Tower Heist… never opened. I should put that sh*t on ebay and make some money.

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      For the record, just in case some studio lawyer is out there with a google alert, I would NEVER sell my wrap gift on ebay. I will cherish it always. (New in box. Must be worth at least $80, given the shuffle is discontinued)

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      Of course you will cherish that Shuffle forever Cinnamon. Don’t even open the box. Refurbished Shuffles selling on Amazon for $139. Just, you know, FYI.

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