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      My long run last weekend sucked big hairy monkey balls. It was terrible and painful and slow. I’ve had a busy week so I haven’t been thinking about it as much as I would have, but now I have to do another long run this weekend. It’s a cutback week so it’s not as far but I both don’t want to run long at all and also want to just do the 20 miler over again so I get another crack at it. Ugh. Help?

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      Kyle GorjancCinnamon

      Stick to the plan, kid! Your 20 miler may not have been exactly the way you wanted it, but rarely in life do things turn out exactly how we want them. Consider your goal: is it to run a perfect 20 mile long run, or is it to run well at your race? If your goal is the 20 miler, do that. If your goal is to run well at your race, then consider a “bad” 20 miler part of the process and move on to the next part of the process.

      For the record, I hesitate to call any run bad when you’re training, unless it is somehow hurting you.

      It’s easy to see an extra difficult training run as something that can derail our goals, but when you consider how much goes into a training cycle and the philosophies behind the way we train, a handful of tough runs are natural and can be expected. The time to worry is when you have lots of runs going poorly. This is where training logs can come in handy; if you have a bad time during a run you can look back into your log to see if there is a pattern. If not, ease your troubled mind and move on.

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      I used to get hung-up on bad runs, but then I learned we are all human. We are just like machines. Sometimes we run exceptionally well. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we stop running because we’ve run too much without any rest. Sometimes we don’t run well because we don’t have the proper fuel. And sometimes, you just need to shut off and reboot to run well again. All runs are good and have some positives. The best athletes take the worst workouts as learning experiences and move forward. As long as it isn’t a repetitive theme, it’s ok. During marathon training, I usually have one really shitty long run and a couple of bad workouts. During a triathlon training cycle, I have one really bad swim, really bad long ride and one awful long run usually with one awful speed workout. Good luck with your training!

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      I know you’re over the bad run by now, but just wanted to whine about how the whole last week was bad for me running-wise. Ugh!! I’m trying to let it pass and move on but feeling rather emo about it still.

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      This too shall pass, dear Caraway.😂

      Don’t let it get you down. You’ll be back to badass in no time!

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