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      A long time ago we had a great post by Wasabi about how fuel belts are…um…controversial? Where do you stand?

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      First, I think it’s kind of ridiculous to care what other people do when they run. Really? Don’t we have other things to think about?

      Now, what do I do? I used to run with a handheld bottle until one day it pissed me off so much that I threw it in the bushes mid-run and collected it later. It was messing up my gait. But it gets hot here in New England and I like to run far. We have almost no water fountains. I don’t always want to loop back to my car, though sometimes I do. Last summer I bought a flip belt and that thing works great. I can carry my water and it does not budge.

      I’ve carried water twice during race. Unsurprisingly, these were my two marathons that were over 80 degrees. During one, the race ran out of water and I was very happy to have my own. During the other, I got so annoyed, that I handed my water bottle off to a police officer who was working on the course. I wouldn’t normally race with my own water, but when you are running 26.2 in that kind of heat, it pays to take your own liquids along.

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      I totally race with my fuel belt, but mostly just for nutrition and my phone. I have a sensitive stomach and if I run a long race, I usually end up crying on the curb somewhere after the finish when I can’t find my family. The phone is also useful when I end up in the medical tent for an hour after finishing but that’s a different story.

      Even if I don’t carry my phone, I need my snacks somehow. I can’t do bottles though because my lady hips make those bounce too much.

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        @vanillabee – Would you ever try pinning gels (or gummies, what have you) into your shorts? It works!

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      I cannot even imagine having that big belt wrapped around me. It’s a comfort thing! I’ve used a handheld here and there. It’s okay, but I often feel the urge to throw it in the bushes. I find a regular old $1.25 “disposable” water bottle (sorry earth) works better for me. I re-use them until they have holes in them. When empty or if there’s only a little water in it, I squish it flat and tuck it in the waistband of my shorts. If it gets uncomfortable I look for a recycling bin or trash can and chuck it.

      As a city runner, I usually take a couple dollars on long runs so I can pop into a deli or grab a bottle from a halal cart in an emergency. Knowing where corner stores are can be helpful!

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      @Cinnamon, I do sometimes shove things in my bra if there’s multiple layers, but I only wear spandex shorts and the hassle of things pinned to them and using the bathroom during the race (which is inevitable for some reason)…

      I usually stick to the belt for the gummies, phones, and things. It’s a small spibelt, so it’s nothing too bulky. Fluids are different. Around here, I can keep tabs on where the public fountains are for hot summer runs or carry a couple dollars for a convenience store. Worst case scenario I’d carry a crushable bottle so that I can reduce the bounce of the liquids as it empties.

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