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slack_for_ios_upload (2)Happy birthday to our very own Barley, Basil, Caraway, Chive, and Peppadew! These Virgos share their #runsign with professional power houses Jordan Hasay, Tori Bowie, Molly Huddle, Brenda Martinez, and Jenny Simpson.

It is apt that with the symbol of the Virgin, several of these pro Virgo runners had quite a few firsts this summer at the Rio Olympics. Brenda Martinez was a true Olympic virgin, competing in her first Games. Veteran Jenny Simpson showed up for her third Olympics and got her first medal, a bronze, becoming the first American woman ever to medal in the 1500m. Meanwhile, Molly Huddle ran a giant race to break the American record and become the number one American woman in the 10,000m of all time. Bad ass and blazing-fast Tori Bowie ran in her first Games, earning a medal of each kind of metal!

Their methodical and analytical approach to training paid off in a big way, but what other traits do they share? Read on!

Generally speaking, on the positive side, Virgos are practical, problem-solving and hard-working achievers who possess grace under fire. This composed demeanor is maintained very carefully, however, and under the surface a Virgo can be overly self-critical and worry so much about all the details that she can make herself sick. Keeping this balance of interior-worry and exterior-calm can make Virgos come off as shy or cold and detached. With a deep sense of humanity and justice, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Virgo Runner

Birthday: August 23- September 22

Salty Virgos: Barley, Caraway, Chive, Peppadew

Famous Virgo Runners: Tori Bowie, Jordan Hasay, Molly Huddle, Brenda Martinez, Jenny Simpson

Element: Earth

Symbol: The Maiden, or Virgin

Favorite Place to Run

Virgos are lovers of flora and fauna, as such you’ll find her often running outdoors in all types of weather. She searches out routes that provide her the connection to nature that provides serenity for her anxious (yet carefully hidden, of course) mind. If she isn’t running somewhere beautiful, you’ll find her running one of her tried-and-true routes so she can better analyze her growth on the same exact paths, to reduce confounding variables, on one of her training log spreadsheets.

Role in the Running Group

Maybe it’s because they tend to be so picky about where they run, when they run, and what time they run, that Virgos tend to be lone runners. It might also be because Virgos have a tendency toward shyness or maybe it’s because they can be overly critical. Additionally, they follow their training plans to the letter and work single-mindedly toward their running goals; they do not like leaving anything to chance, and so avoid distraction from their workouts and rest-days, neither of which they like to deviate from. When they do develop close running friends, they are often considered the sages of the group and are often wonderful at helping analyze their friends’ training to look for what’s working and what isn’t. Because they see so many details and want to solve their friends’ problems, at times their advice can go over-board. A Virgo’s running buddies are wise to recognize their friend’s advice comes with the best of intentions.

A few of our favorite Virgos.
A few of our favorite Virgos.

Training and Racing

Because they are so organized, Virgo runners are fantastic training log keepers (logging miles, food, routes, pace, shoes, temperature, heart rate, etc.), and they do intense research before picking a training plan, knowing whatever they choose, they will do exactly as it says. They love books and have vast knowledge from the many running technique and history books they’ve read. This adds to their methodical approach to both training and racing.

If a Virgo has a goal time in mind, she knows the precise pace she must hit every split and will not deviate. She runs the tangents like a machine and has all other particulars of her race day completely nailed down and planned out, from her race kit to all her dietary and fueling needs. Trying to keep all the details organized is difficult, and a Virgo runner can literally worry herself sick about race day details if she isn’t careful. Prone to being a hypochondriac, if aches and pains arise during training, a Virgo can convince herself she has an injury, especially one she happened to read about recently.

Virgos are less motivated by competition than other signs. They are more motivated to perfect their training, their running form, and their performances. For a Virgo, it really is about running her own best race.


Being hyper-focused on maintaining a healthy life, Virgos are fastidiously healthy eaters. They do have a weakness for chocolate, but as far as fueling for races goes, due to their meticulous record-keeping most Virgos know precisely what fuel will aid their performance without wreaking havoc on their digestive system.


Like many areas of their lives, Virgos keep good track of their money and live well within their means most of the time. As such, you probably won’t find her sporting the latest and most expensive trends on the run. However, for the Virgo runner, it is very important to look good. She is the queen of watching for the best sales and buys in bulk when she finds a particularly good deal. Those expensive patterned tights, that adorable strappy bra, those on point compression socks? She found them for half-price somewhere; aren’t you jealous?

Injuries and Health

Virgo rules the abdomen, intestines, and the metabolic system. As mentioned, Virgos can worry themselves into upset stomachs and headaches from trying to keep a handle on all the details. Virgos tend to not handle drugs or medicines well, so they use their methodical and analytical approach to life to figure out the exact triggers for their maladies and to focus more on injury prevention over injury treatment. They strive for a balanced, healthy life in general which means they always remember to schedule in recovery, yoga, cross-training, a massage, or a well-earned beer or shandy.

Best Running Buddies and Relationships

Though Virgos can initially come off as cool and detached, they are truthful, loyal, & wonderful friends to have. They enjoy having fewer, but deeper, stable friendships and mesh the best with the other Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn. In the love department, a Pisces partner can make all a Virgo runner’s dreams come true.

So what’s your #runsign? Are you, or one of your running buddies a Virgo? Did we snail it?

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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