The Scorpio Runner

fullsizerender-6Happy birthday to the passionate, fierce, running Scorpios this month! That includes our original Saltine Clove and our newer Saltines MapleRaspberry, and Mango!

Naturally, Scorpios are known for their sting. They are determined, courageous, and intense, which makes sense that Olympians like Kate Grace and Allyson Felix also happen to be part of the Scorpio sisterhood.

With fall training season coming to a close and goal races approaching quickly, it’s the perfect time to get in touch with your resident Scorpio running pal. Passionate, resilient, and intense, these ladies are likely to encourage you to sign up for your next goal race as soon as you finish your current one. Their observant personalities are perfect for giving feedback on work you may or may not have accomplished this training cycle.

Want to know more about Scorpios? Read on!

The Scorpio Runner

Birthday: October 23-November 21

Salty Scorpios: Clove, Raspberry, Mango, Honey

Famous Scorpio Runners: Allyson Felix, Kate Grace, Gail Devers, Meseret Defar, Connie Gardner, T’erea Brown

Element: Water

Symbol: Scorpion

Favorite Place to Run: The Scorpio runner is fierce, driven, and among the toughest of runners. She enjoys solitude or running with one person with whom she can have an intense conversation. A Scorpio can get down on the track if she pleases, but she likes to keep her workouts as simple and close to nature as possible. A Scorpio is spontaneous and loves surprises. If you’re scheduling a run with her, be wary of location. It just might change at the last minute!

Role in the Running Group:  Scorpios tend to be running encyclopedias. When friends have questions about pacing, fueling, nutrition, and especially personal questions regarding running and menstruation, they ask Scorpios. Scorpios always know if their buddy is struggling, sometimes even before she does, thanks to her keen intuition, so they make excellent pacers. Scorpios get a lot of invites to social events, but struggle with attending them. Despite their introverted nature, Scorpios can also be loud and incredibly hilarious. Sometimes they’re the wallflower taking everything in and other times the life of the party. You do have to work to gain the trust of suspicious Scorpio, but once you prove yourself, you will have her as a forever friend. Because of this, Scorpios tend to have running friends all over.

Training and Racing: Scorpios are curious, intense, and can be incredibly and stubbornly persistent. Yep, Scorpios make great ultrarunners. They are also very competitive, even if it doesn’t seem like it on the outside. They’re at their best when they are hunting down someone they consider an adversary. And one way to guarantee a good performance for Scorpios? Pre-race sex! A Scorpio runner can find power in her sexual energy, and what better way to do that than to do the deed the night before?

Fueling: Scorpios like their fuel like they like their friends: honest, simple, and down-to-earth. Scorpios are drawn to foods rich in calcium sulphate, such as yogurt, cottage cheese, cherries, and tomatoes. You bet that Scorpio is part of the kale craze. Scorpios don’t have a very good relationship with alcohol, so a post-race beer or glass of wine may not be the wisest choice for her. A better option would be coconut water.

Maple from Salty Running
One of our favorite intense and not-too-stubborn Scorpio Runners, Maple!

Injuries and Health: Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, so when it comes to running, Scorpios should beware of the Female Athlete Triad. Scorpios also must be very wary of overtraining, as that amazing persistence they have can have negative consequences when taken to the extreme. A Scorpio’s skin is also very telling of her health, so it is easy to tell when she is dehydrated. Scorpios tend to worsen symptoms by overthinking them, so they do not do well during taper weeks. The “taper crazies” are tenfold for these extra imaginative ladies.

Fashion: For Scorpios, form strictly follows function, and yes, that includes running skirts! These ladies have regular classic pieces that are used over and over again, but their big, bold personalities allow room for one or two fun pieces as well. Scorpios are all about business in the front, party in the back: the mullets of the running world!

Most of her racing outfits will be totally serious, and then boom, she has a sparkly skirt or fabulous printed tights. She is drawn to red, purple, and green statement pieces. Scorpios tend to own a bit more running gear than the average gal and her wardrobe is multi-functional for all the activities she does. Surprisingly enough, she doesn’t own shoes galore like her other running sisters. She sticks to a few loyal models and wears them completely out, and despises purchasing new ones.

Best Running Buddies and Relationships: Scorpios are resourceful and quick on their feet, in more ways than one. Scorpios are likely to call the shots for the running group, in addition to being one of the most supportive buddies on the team. Even though Scorpios love their solitude, they are loyal reciprocators and then some. If you crew for them, they’ll crew for you and bring a beer to the finish for you. Scorpios run well with Cancers, Pisces and Virgos, but tends to butt heads with Aquarians and Leos.

In terms of romantic partnerships, Scorpios can find love and trust in a Taurus, the only sign that truly knows how to read the complexity of a Scorpio lover. Equally stubborn and intense, Taurus will understand the Scorpio runner’s need to finish all the things she starts and will appreciate her need for the open road. Taurus also makes the best possible training partner for a Scorpio for all the same reasons, minus the sexy stuff, of course!

So what’s your #runsign? Are you, or one of your running buddies a Scorpio? Did we snail it?

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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    1. Happy birthday!! I’m glad you could relate! 😀 Unfortunately I’m an Aquarian, and according to astrology, we wouldn’t be good running partners. But I think we can! 😉

  1. Admittedly as someone who checks their horoscopes from time to time, I can definitely see myself in these descriptions! For better or worse 🙂