The Sagittarius Runner

file_000-9Happy birthday greetings to our solo Salty Sagittarius runner, Chicory! And a happy birthday to Paula Radcliffe, Flo Jo, Sally Kipyego, and Carmelita Jeter as well.

Sagittarians are strong, graceful, and energetic, making them natural athletes. Their strength extends beyond the body to the brain, making their mental game strong too. This combination makes them perfect candidates for running greatness.

One handy characteristic Sag runners have is that they know how to set boundaries. After all, many Sagittarians have been subject to the birthday-or-holiday gift dilemma their whole lives. They know how to get what they want, and they are not afraid to ask for it!

What other traits do Sagittarius runner share? Read on!

Sagittarians are represented by the archer and as a result are naturally always on target and aiming for specific goals! They are deep thinkers who love a good debate, blunt in their thoughts, yet optimistic and generous. Represented by the element fire, they move from one thing to the next, seemingly tirelessly, even when that’s not the case.

The Sagittarius Runner

Birthday: November 22-December 21

Salty Sagittarians: Chicory

Famous Sagittarius Runners: Paula Radcliffe, Florence Griffith Joyner, Carmelita Jeter, Sally Kipyego

Element: Fire

Symbol: Archer

Favorite Place to Run: As Sagittarians are seekers of knowledge and truth, they are natural explorers. They often venture off the beaten path, literally. Sags enjoy running anywhere it’s green and where they are surrounded by nature.

Role in the Running Group:  Sag runners are storytellers. They are likely to be the chattiest of the running group. These runners are admirers of philosophy, so don’t be surprised if your Sagittarius running buddy starts spouting off thoughts about Aristotelean concepts in mile 18 of a training run. Though lovable in all other aspects, this trait is likely to rub some of the running group the wrong way.

Training and Racing: Routine will either make or break a Sagittarius. Most prefer the familiarity of a running schedule to help manage their incredibly busy lives. But occasionally the pressure of maintaining a running routine in addition to their existing routines can be too much. When a Sag runner commits to a goal race and training schedule, she has the tendency to make it her top priority, for better or worse. Sagittarians often lack balance between their running and personal lives. They are into cross-training, especially activities that can directly impact their running-related fitness, such as, spinning, swimming, and Pilates.

Chicory, sporting neon pink for her first sub-3:00!

Fueling: One word: snacks. The Sag runner is always on the go, in running and non-running life. Unfortunately this means she often skips or misses meals due to all the tasks she has on her metaphoric plate. Because of her tight weekly schedule, meal prep is essential to fueling Sagittarians. Snacks are packed in every corner of her life, from her desk to her car … just in case!

A champion of the granola bar, and maybe even guilty of having a Gu for breakfast, the Sag runner gets nutrition in as quickly as possible. She prefers lean proteins like chicken and fish to rebuild and recover. Because of the stressful weekdays, Sags should use the weekends to focus more on nutrition and slow-cooked meals. A high-protein and complex carb diet is vital for these energetic signs.

Fashion: Sagittarians are committed fashionistas, including running gear and athleisure. These enthusiastic runners make great brand ambassadors, and will happily participate in social media marketing for the company. As for color, Sagitarians are drawn toward warm hues such as violet, red, and pink, in addition to neon-everything to match their bold personalities.

Injuries and Health: The restless spirit of the Sag runner can get her into trouble. She has a tendency to run on rest days because she is “ready” or it “feels good”. Her injury-prone hips and legs do not help matters. The Sagittarius has had to learn the hard way to truly rest when needed. Routine physical therapy to strengthen and stabilize the hips is recommended.

Best Running Buddies and Relationships: Sags are fiercely independent and go on many of their runs alone. However, when they do want to buddy up, they run well with Aries and Leo who appreciate and even feed off their high energy. Aquarians also make great running partners for them because they both tend to be chatty and deep-thinkers.

In terms of romantic partnerships, Sagittarians match the best with a Gemini, who can be both patient and understanding of the fast-paced life of their partner.

So what’s your #runsign? Are you, or one of your running buddies a Sagittarius? Did we snail it?

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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  1. ALL. THE. SNACKS. I’m notorious for having a well-stocked snack supply at work and there’s usually something to eat in every bag I have with me. And I just had my SI joint adjusted today!