The Gemini Runner

GeminiHappy birthday Gemini runners, including our very own Tea!

Speaking of twins, you might not know that Mo Farrah is a twin, although his brother is not a runner. Swedish twin sisters Susanna and Jenny Kallur dominated the European stage in the early 2000s in hurdles. And French twins Isabelle Mouthon-Michelly and Beatrice Mouthon both competed in the first Olympics Triathlon in 2000, placing seventh and thirty-fifth, respectively, and were born under the sign of Gemini on June 14th!

Another elite, not a twin but a Gemini, is Tara Welling. Her rise to qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Trials in the 10,000m and her win at the National Half Marathon Championships last month illustrates several Gemini traits, including disliking routine and repetition, choosing to change directions, restlessness and searching out new mentors. Just over a year ago she believed she was done with competitive running and left her coaches at the Nike Oregon Project. After three months off she got bored just running with her dog and got back into competition by joining a new program, High Performance West. The changes paid off, and the rest is history and what looks to be a bright future.

What other qualities do Gemini runners share? Read on to find out!

The Gemini Runner

The Gemini runner has a two-sided personality; indecisive, nervous, high strung, and inconsistent on the one hand while being affectionate, curious, gentle, and adaptable on the other. She gets bored with stringent, predictable training plans so tends to mix up her running with cross-training, trendy diets, and workouts.

Birthday: May 21-June 21

Salty Gemini: Tea

Famous Gemini Runners: Tara Welling, Tirunesh Dibaba, Jim Thorpe, twins Isabelle Mouthon-Michelly and Beatrice Mouthon

Element: Air

Symbol: The Twins

Favorite Place to Run: The Gemini runner hates repetition, routine, and being alone. She loves urban running so you will often find her training with any of the local running groups in her city or suburb. One night it might be with her local running store’s weekly pizza run, another morning you might find her with a speed group on the high school track, the next afternoon she is running with the moms’ tribe at the waterfront park. A different city route with fresh faces every day of the week makes her happy.

Role in the Running Group: Due to their sign being The Twins, the Gemini runner has the constant feeling she is missing her other half. As a result, she is forever seeking out new friends and coaches. She gets to know new people fast and is a quick-witted and engaging running partner. Her curious nature makes her a fountain of knowledge about books, magazines, local runner gossip and other chatter to keep you entertained on a long run. Known as the “perennial teenager,” many a Gemini has a loose tongue and will blab about anything you tell her on her next run, so take note.

Training: Because of her insatiable curiosity and restless, indecisive spirit the Gemini runner finds it hard to stick to any one training plan religiously. She gets bored easily, so when she hears about a new workout or new eating or training method she doesn’t hesitate to try it out. When she does settle down with a coach, he or she must make sure to really change up her training plan to keep her interested. The largest benefit to this is that she cross-trains more than other signs and rarely suffers from over-use injuries or over-training.

The woman who thought she'd never run again just two years ago breaks the tape and takes the National Half Championship.
The Gemini who thought she’d never run again just two years ago breaks the tape and takes the National Half Championship.

Racing: The Gemini runner’s biggest weakness is her mental toughness and nervousness. One way she can overcome this is to run with a pace group, as she enjoys being surrounded with new people she can talk to and work together with. Unless she’s finishing up front with a huge smile on her face, her race photos usually capture her among a large group of runners with two thumbs up and her mouth open, mid-sentence, as she chats.

Fueling: Gemini runners are often junk food addicts who eat on the go, so they end up eating out … a lot. To counteract Gemini’s high strung nature she can avoid caffeine, eat a complete, well-rounded diet and drink herbal tea for its calming effect. While racing, Gemini loves to fuel with candy-like ShotBlox and SportBeans.

Fashion: Gemini is the sign of the hands and fingers and she often wears light gloves when racing and training, even in mild temperatures. Because she gets interested by anything new, she owns a TON of running gear. She tries every new gadget on the market and then holds onto it, even if she doesn’t often use it. Although she might have a few expensive pairs of running tights, you’ll also find she’s not snobby and will run in off-brand cheap tanks or shorts too.

Injuries and Health: The Gemini sign rules the breath and lungs as well as the nerves, upper arms and shoulders. Gemini runners are often affected by asthma or seasonal allergies.

Best Running Buddies: Geminis tend to get along well with the other air signs Libra and Aquarius due to their love of highly intellectual and witty conversation. In love matters, the way to a Gemini’s heart is through her head with thoughtful and interesting talk or debate. Sagittarians do that particularly well, although if he fails to keep his Gemini interested and she grows bored, she might fall for the next Sagittarius in her Saturday morning long run group.

So what’s your sign? Are you or one of your best running buddies a Gemini? Did we snail it?

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. Haha. I never really understood the twin thing, so didn’t really get my sign… but also never had it spelled out in running terms, so this is great! 🙂 I AM super indecisive, nervous, high strung, curious and LOVE my junk food… but I also love routines, am not into new gadgets, and have given a thumbs up in a race approximately once, so a bit of a mixed bag. Great breakdown though!