The Aquarian Runner

imageHappy belated birthday, Deena Kastor! Deena, who’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, happens to be an Aquarius. You might know another famous runner who is also an Aquarius, a little someone named Amy Cragg who just so happened to win the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials on Saturday. Sure hard work and good genes play a part, but I also think their success in running has something to do with celestial forces.

Ok, ok, maybe I’m biased; yeah, I’m an Aquarius too, as are an abundance of us Saltines, coincidentally … or is it? In fact, Catnip and I share a birthday which is just a few days after Dill’s, a few day’s before Pimento’s and a couple of week’s before Ginger’s who celebrates hers on the cusp (the last days of before the sun moves from Aquarius to Pisces). With all these awesome runner chicks sharing this sign, it got me thinking about what our sun signs say about us as runners. We’ll be covering all the signs, but because we’re in it and because it’s mine (me, Me, ME!) let’s start with Aquarius.

So whether you are an Aquarius, love an Aquarius runner, or are simply curious, here’s everything you need to know about Aquarian runners.

The Aquarian Runner

Birthday: Jan. 19 – Feb. 18

Salty Writer Aquarians: Dill (1/31) Bergamot (2/2), Catnip (2/2), Pimento (2/6), Ginger (2/17)

Famous Runner Aquarians: Amy Cragg (1/21) and Deena Kastor (2/14)

Element: Air

Symbol: Water-bearer

Favorite Place to Run: Whether it’s a lake, river, or ocean, Aquarians feel at home logging miles next to a body of water.

Role in the Running Group: The Aquarian runner is a natural leader, but that doesn’t mean she is eager to do so. Although she is more than capable of organizing and pacing a Saturday 20-miler, she would rather avoid that stress and try to enjoy the run. Aquarian runners are a little stubborn, but will ultimately do what is best for her and her tribe.

Training: This runner tends to sit between the worlds of introvert and extrovert. She has no problem making runner friends, but she doesn’t mind training alone. She seriously, seriously prefers running over any other exercise. She will strength train although she is mentally melting the entire time. Aquarians can be yogis, but tend to be a little too impatient for all those sun salutes.

After the initial drama of coming in fourth at the 2012 OTM, Amy seemed pretty calm under pressure on Saturday. Image by Ginger (Jinger Moore/

Racing: Aquarius ladies tend to let one or two training runs boost their egos more than they should. After one good speed workout, an Aquarian may feel that she has the race in the bag; therefore, she approaches the starting line with even higher hopes than originally planned. Those water-bearing runners are dreamers! They also tend to be perfectionists and become upset if a particular goal or agenda was not executed to her standards. Despite the initial drama of the setback, Aquarians are very calm signs under pressure and are among the most laid-back runners.

Fueling: These women are not the type of runners who are preachy about dieting. Aquarians love cake, beer, wine, cheese, and ice cream, and are very proud to tell other runners.

Fashion: Aquarians care about running fashion, but you will not find one of these ladies in Lululemon buying a pair of $100 tights. You are more likely to find an Aquarian in funky yet affordable mermaid print tights, after all she is an air sign!

So, what’s your sign?

I'm a student of law and life. A Jill of all trades, master of none. But I'm hoping to master something, sometime. ;) Preferably a sub-23 5k and a sub-4 marathon!

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