Tea’s Training Log: 1.17.16 & 1.24.16

Since this is my first training log post, I thought I’d add in the previous week too as it’s a bit more of a typical week for me.

Week of Jan. 11-17 (One month out from the Trials)

Monday: Easy six in the morning. Easy 4 and core in the evening.

Tuesday: 15 miler followed by strength workout.

Wednesday: Track workout with the team: 3 x 2 miles (I honestly forgot the times for the first two, but the last–and fastest–was in 11:24.) With warm up, cool down, and recovery laps = 12 miles.

Thursday: Easy 7 in the morning. Elliptical and core in the evening.

Friday: 12 miles on the treadmill. Strength workout after.

Saturday: off

Sunday: 20 miles with a couple hills. Core in the evening.

Total miles: 76

Thoughts: Pretty solid week of training. Happy with the track workout, looking ahead to next week’s last attempt at marathon pace.

The snow is pretty... but I hate it.
The snow is pretty… but I hate it.

Jan. 18-24

This was the last big week of my training for the Trials. After this, it’s taper time. I went in with high hopes—I really wanted to crush this thing (my highest mileage of the whole season, my last super important workout) but got crushed a bit by Jonas instead.

Monday: Easy 6 in the morning, easy 4 in the evening with a core workout afterwards.

Tuesday: 15 miler on the treadmill in the morning, plus strength workout. Easy 4 in the evening.

Wednesday: Core workout in the morning. The evening was supposed to be track practice for a total of 12 miles. Instead, I decided to rearrange my entire week to squeeze my long run/hard workout at marathon pace before the snowstorm hit. Since I moved that run from Sunday to Friday, I no longer felt comfortable attempting a track workout Wednesday night (36 hours before). I went to the track anyway, sorted this all out with my coach, and then jogged laps while the rest of the team did their workout. It started snowing as soon as we got there and by the end the track was a mess. (This snow was unrelated to Jonas, just a bit of a preview.) I wanted to get the distance in even though I wasn’t doing any workout, but my hips were getting tight from sliding a bit so I stopped around 10 miles. Really just didn’t want to do too much or screw myself up for the super hard workout on Friday.

Thursday: Originally planned for an easy 8 in the morning, but took the day off under the new plan.

Friday: Original plan was 12; instead did Sunday’s workout: 22 miles with 16 at “goal” marathon pace. It did NOT go well. I ran the 16 at 6:18 pace, which is much slower than my goal pace, and slower than my last workout of this type (which I did over Christmas). In a world of negativity and discouragement for the rest of the day. Blaming the snow, though it didn’t actually slow me down since it hadn’t started yet.

Saturday: Easy 8 on the treadmill, agonizing over yesterday’s poor workout. Core yoga afterwards.

Sunday: 13 miles on the treadmill. Sheer agony. Completely hated the stupid treadmill and wanted to stop about 8 zillion times. Strength workout afterwards.

Total miles: 82 (was supposed to be 83, but I’m not fretting over 1 mile.)

Thoughts: Totally discouraged by Friday’s workout. Also not thrilled I skipped the track workout—it was more important to me to nail the marathon pace run, but then I didn’t end up nailing that. The taper starts now and I need to find my excitement/get my confidence back a.s.a.p.

I'm a science journalist with a background in neuroscience and a love of running marathons and baking marathon-worthy feasts. I started out as an over four-hour marathoner but whittled my PR down to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials. I write about the importance of chasing big dreams and -- as I'm currently pregnant with my first -- getting ready to chase around a little one.

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  1. I wouldn’t let the “bad” marathon pace run get to you. Sometimes,with the weather or life it makes more sense to switch up workout. However, I think that when we do things out of sequence we secretly freak out that it’s a bad idea. Those secret thoughts can often become self fulfilling prophecies. Also, you set your schedule for a reason because it’s best for your body to do certain types of runs x number of days apart. Chin up and keep moving forward. You are a rockstar!

  2. That snowstorm put such a wrench in the works, right? What a pain in the neck to have to adjust everything, and THEN have to do 21 miles on the mill in 2 days? UGH. Solid week anyway – so much ancillary training!

  3. Thank you, thank you for sharing your training logs and sharing so honestly about having to switch things up and being thrown off a bit. Things like that have happened to me many times, and it is encouraging to realize that it is simply sometimes part of a runner’s experience, no matter how fast you are.