Tarragon’s Training Log — 8.16.2015

Imagine a perfect misty sunrise over green hills and horse farms.
Imagine a perfect misty sunrise over green hills and horse farms.

Third week of down mileage felt AWESOME. Every time I stepped out for an easy run, my legs and lungs wanted to fly, and I let them. A couple days of lower humidity helped, too. In addition, Runners Connect posted this helpful article about “ego depletion,” which informed those mental fatigue days.

Monday — Easy around the neighborhood turned tempo! 7:30 pace. 3 miles

Tuesday — Dipped my toe back in the track waters. Did 2×1200 with the group (workout was 3, but I didn’t have the mental game for it, see “ego depletion” article above), and followed up with a 60s 300 on the indoor track. Then did normal weights biz. 4 miles

Wednesday — Easy around the neighborhood. 3.5 miles

Thursday — NRC West group with low humidity. Faithful friend Anna and I finished the route 2 minutes faster than usual, which is no small thing for an “easy” 4-miler. I even finished it with a free-as-a-kid-at-recess stride the last 100m or so. 4 miles

Friday — Rest day. 0 miles

Saturday — The best long run on the PR Bandits schedule through horse country just south of Nashville. We ran out to a small country church that leaves its doors open for runners and bikers to get water. After the turnaround, I let my body do what it wanted, which was to clock perfect cut-downs from my usual 9:00 long run pace to a sub-8:00 at the end. I felt on top of the world and in love with life. 11 miles

Sunday — A walk and some yoga. 0 miles

I'm a 31-year-old cat mom to Cordelia and health care fundraiser in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm working toward a 20:00 5K, though I do race other distances throughout the year. I write about track workouts and tempo runs, recovery methods, and general life lessons.

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