Sports Tampons and Me

Because sports vaginas need sports tampons!

After years of keeping it consistent and going all minimalist with my menstrual management, (read:ย setting myself free with OBs), I discovered there is this thing called a sports tampon. A sports tampon.

A. Sports. Tampon.

No really, a tampon for sports which is different than other tampons because … sports!

Are the regular tampons for regular lady things like quilting? Do they have special construction worker tampons or CEO tampons? Maybe a general ladies doing unlady like things tampon? Do I care? Am I needlessly getting all feministy and over-thinky about this?

Because … sports! I do sporty things!

I decided to investigate.

After googling “sports tampon” I found Playtex makes them, so I went to their site, The Playtex sports tampon has it’s own url. This is getting good! Upon visiting, I was greeted by the opportunity to receive a free sample! A free sports tampon. Hell yes! Sign me up!


Much to my amazement, my free sports tampon comes with a sports liner. Two for the price of zero! This day just kept getting better!

Except what the hell do I do with a sports liner?

Who cares. It’s free!

I submitted my request and I was expecting to go about my day wistfully dreaming about the lucky guy in the warehouse putting together the discreet package containing my free sporty feminine hygiene products and sending it on to the shipping department of Playtex headquarters. And of course my lucky mail lady. I bet she will have no idea what’s in that plain envelope. If she only knew!

These dreams were soon destroyed.

Picture 20

Six to eight weeks?! How can I wait two months to receive my sports tampon and sports panty liner. What will my sports vagina and sports panties do until then? I’ve never been verified to receive a tampon before, either. What does that entail?!

Oh look! Nevermind! Fit to Play quiz! Let’s play!

Picture 24

I dug deep down in my heart to answer all the questions as truthfully as I could. Pressing questions like this one:

Picture 25

That was a tough question because while I do almost always go with the pony I also don’t care. But I meditated on it for half a second and felt pony was closer to the real truth. Finally, I answered the last question. I anxiously pressed the button to discover the activity that’s my one true calling. And …. it’s ….

Picture 21

I wonder if Tampax makes a sports tampon.

Did you know that sports tampons were a thing? Do you or would you use them?ย 

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  1. I’ve used them! They were actually my favorite back in the day when plastic applicators weren’t readily available and they “replaced” the “Teen” version which had a smaller applicator than the regular versions. They were the only ones that I didn’t experience leakage with. TMI?

    1. No such thing as tmi on a post about tampons. Ha! Now I’m excited to get my free sample the tampon technology that makes a sports tampon different than a regular old one!

      1. I do continuous bc AND the pill packet is yellow, which is kind of sporty for a color! (Seriously, I have great results with this.)

  2. Also, I HAD to take the quiz. I got- “Focused, active and fit- Paddle boarding and hiking!” two things i DO like to do… though I did say I like full contact sports. whateva.

  3. Love the tone of this post! Thanks for the laugh. It’s nice to know one can continue to be “sporty” during her period, since many ads for such products seem to encourage happy-frolicking-in-tight-white-pants which really isn’t my thing. I’ve been so lost all these years!

  4. Hilarious. I’ve seen them and always wondered what made them different. I’m waiting for the follow up post.

  5. I’m interested to know. Tampons basically don’t work for me since having two kids (they leak like crazy!) and I really need to find a solution!

  6. Okay, this one cracked me up! I actually haven’t had a period for a year now (having a baby, then breastfeeding) but I did like these. No leaks. All the white-spandex-clad frolics/ prancercise. I even wore them while sportily going about my day, sportily cooking, and sportily sleeping.