Spikenard’s Training Logs 9.19 – 10.9.16

I’m back, from outerspace! The trip in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland was a little soul stroking. Somehow being somewhere new flooded me in memories, and I had time to not only re-calibrate, but challenge my own ideas and memories laid. I went into the trip thinking that whatever mileage happened naturally would be – no plans, no workouts, no anal tendencies. This happened yes, but I did travel with some anal runners who really love that 8-mi a day life, and it was really easy and so nice to roll with it. To be consistent in running in the midst of travel is a luxury, because consistency is essential to progression. On top of this, it let us get to know each city better; we were able to see more on foot, rather than rely on transportation. I’m proud to have pounded many pints of beer on top of running and walking as much as we did. The following includes my vacation and the first few days back home (paces ranged from 7:30-9 min per mile and I wore a pair of Saucony Kinvara 7’s the whole trip).

9/19 – 9/25/16


Monday – 14 – 8 E midday, from work / 6 mi hilly post work. Then I ate a freakton of pasta, caprese, and probably a bottle of wine. And then the best Ben & Jerry’s – American Dream.

Tuesday – 4.6 mi E before travel to Vancouver Intl Airport for flight to Amsterdam!

Wednesday – 8.2 + 5 mi walking – After  checking into our vrbo in Amsterdam Oud-West, my friend Lauren and I ran along the canals nearest our place to shake out our legs after 15+ hours of travel.

Thursday – OFF + 9 mi walking

Friday – 8 mi + 7.6 mi walking – Ran through Vondelpark, this incredible 120 acre urban park on our way to Amsterdam’s Olympic Stadium (1928’s Games) and IAMSTERDAM sign. There was a youth track meet going on at the time, which was a joy to watch within the brick 1920’s architecture.

Saturday – 7 mi + 3.2 mi walking – From our place in Oud-West, along the canals, before our train to Berlin.berlin-front-pack

Sunday – 8.5 mi + 10.5 mi walking –  Marked the day of the Berlin Marathon. We ran to the 5k mark of the race, which was so packed (sold-out), that racers were on the sidewalks, outside all course lines, that somehow we found ourselves in the marathon, against, alongside. Afterwards we ran through and around Tiergarten, to the marathon finish at Brandenburg Gate, where we got to see the leaders finish.

Total: 50 mi + 36 mi walking

9/26 – 10/2/16
Berlin to Munich


Monday – 10.1 mi + 9 mi walking – Through Grunewald, a forest on the western side of Berlin, with 7,400 acres and covered in conifers, to Berlin’s Olympiastadion (1936 Games).

Tuesday – 5.2 mi + 9 mi walking

Wednesday – 8 mi + 5 mi walking – Before train to Munich.

Thursday – 8.6 mi + 8 mi walking – To Munich’s Olympiastadion (1972 Games), splayed in large sweeping canopies of acrylic glass and steel cables.


Friday – 7 + 8 mi walking – To Englischer Gardens, a large public park at the centre of Munich, 910 acres and made up of “informal landscapes.”

Saturday – 5.25 mi + 5 mi walking – More of Englischer Gardens, before the double-decker to Zurich, Switzerland.

Sunday – 8 mi + 12 mi walking – Along Lake Zurich with swans aflurry. Walked to Tamina Gorge in Bad Ragaz, which was insanely gorgeous, damp, soothing.

Total: 52 mi + 56 mi walking

10/3 – 10/9/16
Zurich, Switzerland – Home

Monday – 8 + 7.6 mi walking – Along Lake Zurich.

Tuesday – 8 + 6.8 mi walking – Along Lake Zurich, walking through Lucerne & hiking Mt. Pilatus.

Wednesday – 6 + 6.5 mi walking

Thursday – OFF + 6 mi walking – Travel day. Fell asleep with a glass of wine in hand, too tired to run.

Friday – 8.5 mi  – Back home, through Whatcom Falls in Bellingham, WA.

Saturday – 18 mi w/ workout – With a teammate as she trains for NYC Marathon – 16 mi at 7:20’s down w/ 1 mi warmup and cooldown.

Sunday – 12.6 mi  – USATF Trail 1/2 National Champs & Lake Padden Trail 1/2 course preview.

Total: 61.5 mi + 27 mi walking

Spikenard is a writer, film librarian, wine P.O.S. artist, Saucony Hurricane and co-founder of Bellingham Distance Project, a post-collegiate competitive women's running team in Bellingham, WA. Outside of drinking copious amounts of wine, she nourishes herself in literature and thrifting. Most of her writing centers on relationships, food and travel. She is training for an eventual Beer Mile and the 2020 Olympic Trials in the Marathon.

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