Spikenard’s Training Log – 10.23.16

map_trails_chuckanutSave for the wind that seems more of an occurrence than in years past, this time of the year is my favorite. This week I had the fortune of running in the Chuckanuts, via Chuckanut Mountain in Bellingham, WA. The trails within are incredible, and host the Chuckanut Mountain Half & Full and the Chuckanut 50k. Along with three teammates and a stud photographer we traversed the middle 16 of the Chuckanut 50k, climbing over 3,300 ft. in elevation, along single track, up and down, with peekaboo views of the Cascade Mountains. Unfortunately I tacked this onto a week with two other workouts and didn’t leave room for it in itself to act as one.

I’m currently following a Jack Daniel’s middle distance plan towards a goal 1/2 marathon in the new year.

10/17 – 10/23/16

Monday – 8.5 mi – Easy

Tuesday – 10 mi w/ 15 @ Tempo, 3 min E, 10 min @ Tempo, 2 min E, 5 min Tempo – I enjoyed the breakup, as in training cycles past it’s been long, straight tempos.

Wednesday – 8 mi – Easy

Thursday – 8.5 mi – Easy

Friday – 65 min aqua jogging – I’m not the biggest fan of aqua jogging, but if I have company I’m much more apt to cross-train. In this instance I met up with some teammates. I’d been suffering from a hot spot on my heel, and this was a good way to give it a rest. Sometimes we’ll throw in uptempo work in the pool, but today we did straight easy.

Saturday – 14 mi w/ 8 x 1 mi Tempo w/ 1 min jogs btwn – The short recovery jogs are ok in the beginning, but they add up. By the end of the reps I was pretty fatigued and acidic. I was wiped the rest of the day. *Reminder to take fuel on workouts to get more out of them.

Sunday – 16 mi – In the Chuckanuts, with 3,300 ft elevation gain – A lot of times I choose “fun” over “smart,” and though you can’t do this all the time, I’d like to think it’s what keeps me mentally engaged in the sport for as long as I have.

Total: 65 mi + 65 min pool

Spikenard is a writer, film librarian, wine P.O.S. artist, Saucony Hurricane and co-founder of Bellingham Distance Project, a post-collegiate competitive women's running team in Bellingham, WA. Outside of drinking copious amounts of wine, she nourishes herself in literature and thrifting. Most of her writing centers on relationships, food and travel. She is training for an eventual Beer Mile and the 2020 Olympic Trials in the Marathon.

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  1. Tough workouts x4 — nice week! I, too, have a hard time saying no to a great trail run, even when I probably should! (Especially this time of year!)