Spearmint’s Training Log 3/5/2017

Another week down! Here are the deets:

Went from 70 degrees to 30 overnight but at least the view was still awesome!

Mon: Squeezed in my long run before work because I raced the day before, so had to push it to Monday. Weekday long runs feel so weird!

Tues: 4 miles in the morning/10 miles + core/abs in the evening

Wed: 4 miles in the morning/10 miles in the evening

Thurs: 4 miles in the morning/workout in the evening. 3 mile warmup then 6x mile cutdowns with 5 mins rest in between. I did the first mile on a road loop as more of a warmup, then the last 5 were inside on the track. 6:05, 5:17, 5:15, 5:05, 4:57, 4:59. Cooled down and lifted afterwards. I’m really proud of this workout because it felt really relaxed and I did it on my own without a pacer.

Fri: 4 miles in the morning/7 miles in the evening

Sat: Long run

Sun: 4 miles easy in DC while cheering my dad on for his 5k/10k double at a local race! ๐Ÿ™‚


Total: 94

I'm an aspiring elite runner from the DC/Northern VA area. I love road racing and am currently training for a half marathon in April. I write about attempting to balance a career with running and enjoying the process of training and improving!

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  1. Nice week of training and killer workout! Something to be said about the confidence we can get from those workouts we nail on our own!

    1. Thanks!
      You should try it out! Doubles make the miles so much less overwhelming. I would not be happy to see a straight 14 on my schedule every day.

  2. Oh heyyyy, we were at the same race in DC on Sunday. Wish I knew, I would’ve tried to look for you to say hi.

      1. I don’t. My brothers do though (Columbia Heights and Petworth areas of the city) and I was visiting them for the weekend, so decided to hop in the 10k. I’m down there every so often to visit between my brothers and a sister-in-law in Sterling, VA. It’s a great area for running!