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Original women's Brooks Pure Cadence
My original fix.

I found my drug … er … running shoe of choice at my local running store. The zero-drop shoe craze was on, and the salesperson showed me the new Brooks Pure line. She knew I ran in stability shoes, and suggested the Cadence.

I looked over at the display and a single sunbeam broke through the dreary, gray Eugene sky to illuminate a teal and lime-green shoe perched on the clear plastic shelf. The faux toe split and the sleek rounded design immediately attracted me, but once the shoe nestled my foot in its supportive, responsive, and bouncy embrace as I took a test-jog up and down the sidewalk, I knew I had found the One.

Cadence 2

Four years and perhaps 11 pairs of Pure Cadence later, I realized I’d put 600 miles on my latest pair (longevity is one of their admirable traits) and needed new ones.


I am not sure why I completely run shoes into the ground before purchasing a new pair, but I do. I scanned the internet for last year’s model, as I’d been keeping my shoe budget down by buying the discounted last-season styles. I’d found four pairs of the purple Cadence 2 on DSW for $49.99 each A total score considering these are $120 shoes!

But then when I’d gone through those four pairs, I found several pairs of the Cadence 3 on sale for $75 on the Brooks website. But those didn’t last forever and I once again found myself in search of a fix. I hit the internet, but site after site blinked back that the old styles were all gone, unless I wore a size 5 or 13, and the realization that I was going to have to pay full price sunk in. I got ahold of myself, however, when I saw the super cute Cadence 4, which were brighter and sexier than ever.

Cadence 3

I got in my car and hit the streets. I needed these shoes today and with a full-price budget, I headed to the corner where I knew I could find them: the corner that housed my local running store, my original dealer. I arrived and searched the wall for my shoes, but they weren’t there.

I shakily asked where the Cadence were and trembled when they told me they were out, but could order them for me.

Before I finishing saying, “I. Need. Them. Like, now. I really need them!” I dashed out and drove like hell to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Scanned the wall of Brooks, but again no Cadence. I chased down a salesperson. “The Cadence are sold out,” she said.

My heart started to beat erratically, my hands shook, a cold sweat broke out on my forehead and upper lip; WHERE else in Eugene could I go? Did I have time to drive the hour to Salem? I knew from searching online that DSW and the Nordstrom Rack were both out, Sports Authority only carried Brooks online, and Big 5 never had them.


That new running store I’d seen mentioned on Facebook. I tore across town and screeched into the parking lot, swearing at the senior citizen taking FOREVER to park her effing car, then ran into the new store.

Cadence 4

“Please. Please, do you carry the Brooks Pure Cadence? Please, oh God. I’ve been all over town. Please, do you have them?!?” The salesgirl smiled serenely in response to my flushed face, “Yes, we do. What size?” As she disappeared into the back, I felt my blood pressure coming down and my sore knees and joints letting go of the pain imagining the perfection of the new footbed slipping under my sore feet. Then she came out. Her hands empty.

Nooooooo! What?? Why??

“I’m sorry, we only carry the men’s version, and the smallest size we carry is too big. We can order them for you, though. The Brooks rep is even here right now.”

She motioned over to a gentleman with a clipboard. I began to babble incoherently about the Cadence and my love for them, but he responded like a rockstar dismissing a gushing fan.

Cadence 4

In the end, I sucked it up and had my original store order my shoes, which arrived in all their glory within three days. I had to put 30 more miles on the dead pair, and thankfully lived to tell about it.

I came to grips with the fact that I seem to be in love-bordering-on-addiction with my running shoe model. Maybe I should branch out. But as my two-year-old sniffed my new pair fresh from the box, “Mommy, your shoes smell GOOD,” I knew I just needed one more pair to stash away in my closet in case of emergency.

Just one more pair.

Are you addicted to one specific shoe? Shout out the model that gives you the best runner’s high!

I'm an elementary P.E. teacher with a long-term, ongoing marathon addiction.The next big goal? Keeping up my BQ streak while aiming for a 3:10! I write about the not-so-glamorous side of running and fitting in serious training with a family while staying sane(ish).

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  1. haha! The struggle is REAL. I have my one true love as well- Asics Kayano. My sister in law gave me a pair of her Saucony Triumph because they no longer work well for her feet. I tried them for one short run and my feet were cramping and crying. I fear I’ll never be able to break up with Kayanos, even though I find myself lusting over other shoes from time to time.

  2. Hi Miriam, I remember you frantically coming in last summer just after we had opened, and we only had the men’s PureCadence in stock at that point. I’m sorry we didn’t have your shoe fix when you needed it. We do carry the women’s PureCadence in stock now. In fact, the PureCadence 5 just came out last week. It had undergone some significant changes. I’d love to hear your feedback on it, as someone who has run many miles in this shoe and give us another chance to serve you. Happy Running, Dustin