Sassafras’s Training Log – 9.9.12

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Week 10 of marathon training is behind me! As you’ll read below, it was very eventful. (At least that’s one way to put it!) I am glad this week is done.

At the risk of sounding too cheesy, I feel like with every passing run and week, I’m becoming a stronger runner. I have started thinking about defining my race day goal in a way that’s more concrete than “sub 4 hours”, based on some recent runs, race calculators and knowing my race-day self. ย I’ll just put it out there for posterity: I’ve got my eye on a 3:52 marathon.

Monday – A Labor Day with few set plans meant I could run whenever I wanted. Although I recently posted about how I’ve made myself become aย morning runner, it was definitely nice to get a later start with some PJ-lounging time first! My friend J came over around 8:30 a.m. and we hit the road for 5 miles, averaging 9:02 despite dodging some sprinkles.

Tuesday – So, it’s been staying darker later in the mornings. I’d started to gradually notice this and make a note to pull out my reflective gear and lights. Yet on this day, I set off at 5:50 a.m. for a 4 mile negative split run sans both. The first 2 miles was with my dog and uneventful enough, if not terribly fast. After I dropped her off, I was super in the zone and focused on picking it up. Well, I did pick it up… and I also stepped on a dead possum. The only good thing I can say is that luckily my old kicks hit exactly 500 miles on this run, so I never have to wear them again. They have been living on the back porch ever since this incident! Overall pace for the run was 9:58, and yes, I did negative split. Mainly because I was so freaked out.

Wednesday – Rest.

Thursday – I think it goes without saying that I used a headlamp for this run. An easy 6.2 miles at 9:56 pace.

Friday – 3 miles at 11:02 pace. My stomach was a mess on this run. I initially chalked it up to some bad food I’d had for lunch the day before, but as the day unfolded, it became clear that I had a stomach bug.

Saturday – Rest. Basically laid in bed sick all day.

Sunday – A massive rainstorm Saturday meant I wasn’t the only one who’d skipped my run… yay for company! I was a little unsure about this run and just thought I would do whatever I had in me, both pace and distance-wise. It turned out far beyond my expectations! We had a nice cool morning in the 50s, and I managed to do all 20 miles in an average pace of 9:30. Just one second per mile off my previous 20 miler – not too bad for being sick the day before!

Total – 38.4 miles

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