Sassafras’s Training Log – 9.2.12

Wow, just two months from tomorrow until race day. I am a numbers nerd, and my online running log tells me that August was my highest mileage month ever at 159.4! (Well,  for this phase of my running life.) This week was a good one; one where I felt like I had my running mojo back. Or, more accurately, I felt like I had my mojo back, and my running life benefited from that.

The hour of yoga last Sunday night was just what I needed to start the week off on the right foot. I got a great stretch, but I was definitely sore the next day – a sure sign I need to fit more yoga into my life! Luckily one of my friends and I  have made a committment to have regular yoga dates. This week I also ventured somewhere else I haven’t gone in a while – hills.  I have been getting a mix of flat and some gentle hills on my training runs, with a few rollers thrown it. However, since it’s about a month until I take on the Bourbon Chase Overnight Relay, I decided it was time to step up my hill game with some big guys!

Monday – An easy 5 at 10:17 pace. Started off pretty slow due to the aforementioned yoga soreness, but I loosened up as the run went on!

Tuesday – Today I had 4 1-mile tempo repeats, with 400 meter recoveries in between. I did the first 3 of these with my friend E. I was feeling not so confident going into the workout and told a couple of friends that I’d be aiming for about 8:45-ish on the tempo sections, but I surprised myself and hit all but one of them in the 8:20’s! 8 miles total distance.

Wednesday – Rest.

Thursday – Speedy Thursday! I had an interval workout scheduled – 8 repeats of 4 minutes at 85% effort with a 3 minute recovery, to be exact. I had some stomach problems before setting off on the run, but was able to get my game face (er, tummy) on and knock these out. I even managed to make the last one the speediest! 8.2 miles total distance.

Friday – 4.1 miles at 10:20 pace. A struggle bus kind of run, what with humidity and my stomach both not wanting to play nice.

Just one example of how scenic this route is! A mill marks one of the turnaround spots.

Saturday – 13 miles along some beautiful rolling hills. This route is a bit of a drive away, but really lovely. Since not many of my running buddies are training for a fall marathon, the fact that I had a somewhat shorter distance meant I got to run with two ladies I haven’t seen in a while. And since their legs are in half marathon mode, we pushed the pace! I am definitely not used to hills, but the great scenery helped take my mind off that fact! We easily saw two dozen horses along the way. Great run. I averaged 8:58 overall and achieved my “15 minute strong finish” with an 8:35 last mile.

Sunday – Rest.

Total – 38.3 miles

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