Sassafras’s Training Log – 8.19.12

Whew, what a week! I am feeling good about my ability to fit in my mileage while juggling other things that are going on, namely having our living room painted and a busy time at work. I was determined not to sacrifice any runs due to my schedule, so I was successful in that regard. Now if I can only manage to keep other healthy habits while being so busy, like prepping real meals and getting a good amount of sleep!

Monday – Rest. This was supposed to be a fun workout day, but since I hadn’t scheduled anything definite like a class or a bike ride, it ended up falling by the wayside. Once I get through the next week or so, I really, really need to get better about fitting in both cross training and these easy days.

Tuesday – 10 miles at 9:37 pace. This was my longest pre-work run ever, and to say I was nervous is an understatement. During training for my last two marathons, I always moved mid-week runs longer than 8 to the evening; however, I thought if I didn’t take care of this guy early, I’d wind up getting sucked into staying late at work or busy with house stuff. The goal was to negative split, and I did just that.

Wednesday – Rest/moving furniture.

Thursday – Interval day! 10 minute warmup, 6 repeats of 4 minutes at 85% effort with 3-minute recovery periods, and a 10 minute cooldown. Total mileage for the day was 6.7.

Friday – 3.3 miles with my neighbor and her dog. We did a new-to-me route and hit 8:27 pace! I really had just 3 miles on the calendar, but I tacked on that extra .3 at the end to make sure I got 40 for the week.

Big coffee for a big week!
After a hard 20 miler, I earned what I like to call a “big girl coffee”!

Saturdayย – The big enchilada: my first 20-miler of this training cycle and my first run starting with a “2” since my last marathon in May 2011. Since I was ย working three events this weekend, I knew I needed an early start to put as much time as possible between the run and being on my feet. I did the first 9.5-ish solo, met up with a friend for 5, and then capped off the run alone. I am a pretty social runner (sometimes to a fault), but I’m hoping that getting in lots of solo run time will help my mental toughness on race day! I averaged 9:29 pace overall, and rewarded myself with a big ol’ coffee afterwards. Regarding recovery, I did manage to get in some afternoon compression sock wearing time and a tiny nap before standing for the better part of 4.5 hours.

Sunday – Let’s call today a cross-train, shall we? I will be on my feet all afternoon at work, so I think that’s fair. Definitely going to wear comfy shoes!

Total – 40 miles!

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