Sassafras’s Training Log – 5.19.13

Hello lovelies! This was another week of gradually increasing mileage for me. It feels weird to not be on a training plan! I have started researching different plans for my fall marathon, but that won’t start until June. In the meantime, I registered for a 5K, got some new kicks and am trying to just enjoy this relative down time as much as I can!

Monday – A chilly 39 degree 4 miler (9:40 pace). I had to dig out some of those cooler weather clothes that I’d (maybe too optimistically) put away.

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – Another attempt at a double workout day, but this one didn’t go as planned. I ran 4 miles at 9:38 pace in the morning. In the afternoon, yoga fail = rest. I had everything I needed to go straight from work to yoga class… except my change of clothes.

Thursday – You know when you can just tell it’s going to be a bad run, right from the get go? The wild weather swings this week were giving me headaches, and I woke up with a splitting one Thursday morning. I hoped that the run would help it go away, but the headache just got worse and the resulting run (3 miles at 10:21 pace) was just all I had. I also paid a visit to my LRS, where I got some new shoes and learned that the orthotics I’ve been wearing are all wrong.

Friday – Rest

603919_10201208310790243_2084107115_nSaturday – What a fun day full of being active and enjoying life! First I ran 9 miles at 9:01 pace. Even though it was a little drizzly, this was a great run with one of my running buddies who’s moved away and was back in town for a wedding. Then I did about 10 miles on my bike. The first 8 miles or so of that was part of a big annual fun ride where they close off the roads to vehicle traffic. Afterwards I got in some more miles as my friends and I rode our bikes around downtown. The Mr. and I also celebrated our wedding anniversary Saturday, which translated to some delicious cupcakes. All in all, a very wonderful day!

Sunday  – Rest

Total – 20 miles running, 10 miles cycling

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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