Sassafras’s Training Log – 2.10.13

This was a rough training week for me. I just felt off and extra tired and sore. I had some slower runs, but I feel like I finally rebounded by week’s end. I can chalk this up to being on my period, which equals not sleeping well, which leads to being a tired little slug.ย I definitely do have room for improvement in hitting the hay earlier, though.

Overall this week was a down week with a long run of “just” 16 miles. (Never would have thought years ago that I’d put those three words together!) I am looking forward to this week being a little bit lighter as well, and I may just have to treat my runner feet to some pampering!

Runner Feet
Embracing my runner feet!

Monday – 3 very chilly miles at 9:32 pace with my dog.

Tuesday – 7 miles, with an average pace of 9:38. Marathon training can get boring doing the same routes over and over. So I explored a little on this run to mix it up! I’ll definitely be incorporating some of those new places into future runs.

Wednesday – rest

Thursday – 9 miles at 9:36 pace. Really bad stomach cramps towards the end of this one, but I managed.

Friday – My legs were really sore today from the longer midweek run on Thursday, and I think a little from lack of good sleep this week. Definitely a recovery run that I gutted out… 3 miles at 10:11 pace. On a good note, it was 48 degrees, so I finally got to ditch the tights!

Saturday – An early start meant that, despite the sunshine, this run started out in the 20 degree realm. I did 2 solo before meeting up with a group for the remaining 14 miles. A really great run all around. We got to see the sun rise and horses greeted us at their fences as we ran over the rolling hills. My goal was to do the middle six miles at race pace (target of 8:35). I didn’t quite get there; I only had one at race pace, but 7 miles total below the 9 minute mark and a few hovering in that 8:30s/8:40s neighborhood. I’ll call the run a win and maybe aim to do my next race pace run somewhere flatter! Overall, I had a 9:03 average pace for the day.

Sunday – 75 minutes yoga

Total – 38 miles, 75 minutes yoga

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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