Sassafras’s Training Log – 10.7.12

21 miles done!
After my 21 miler, I ran into some friends who thought I’d done the Race for the Cure. No, I just like pink! (Can you spot all of it?) Still on my runner’s high here.

This was a good training week. No, this was a great training week. For the past month, one thing or another has thrown a kink in my planned runs – first work, then being sick, then my back, then my relay race. This week, I finally managed to hit everything on my schedule. Good thing, too, since the marathon countdown is on! My runs this week had me feeling pretty confident in my training, especially my long run. If only I could fast forward to race day!

Monday – So, funny thing. I spent Sunday saying that I wasn’t that sore from the Bourbon Chase. That it wasn’t that much harder than a regular long run. My quads reminded me on this run that, actually, yes I was! I did 5 miles at 10:11 pace. The first 3 were pretty awful and featured quite a few expletives. I did get it together enough at the end to do 6 repeats of 15 seconds at a 90% effort.

Tuesday – Due to a work function, I had to push this run to the evening. My schedule called for 8 miles with the middle 6 at race pace. Based on my original marathon goal, race pace would be 9:03. What I actually did was 8 miles at 8:47 pace! To break this run up, I ran 2.5 miles to my BRF’s house, 3 miles with her and her kiddo in the stroller, then 2.5 home.

Wednesday – I went to yoga with my running buddy. We opted for a free class offered by someone who is training to get their yoga teacher certification since the timing of our regular class didn’t work out with other stuff we had going on. Sadly, it was kind of a miss, but at least it was free, right?

Thursday – ย Today was a “fun workout” day on my training schedule, so a pal and I went to Zumba! It was a blast and definitely a harder workout than I remembered.

Friday – 3 miles easy at 10:25 pace.

Saturday – 21 miles at 9:33 pace. The lead up to this run had me really nervous since I’d never run this far before in training, I didn’t really have a route, my dinner the night before wasn’t the greatest…. I could go on and on, but really, it was that big 2-1 that scared me. I basically told myself to just suck it up and do it. I met a friend at 6 a.m. for the first 9 or so miles. When I dropped him off, I grabbed my iPod and spent the rest of the time concentrating on ignoring my watch and having a positive mental attitude. I smiled at passers-by and said “good morning” to dogs. I chatted with some early tailgaters over near the football stadium. I counted political signs instead of miles. I inhaled the smells of donuts and pancake breakfasts. All the while, reminding myself how much I love running and what a lovely day this was. I know it’s cheesy sounding in the retelling, but it really made for a great run. When I heard that beep for “21”, I did a little fist pump on the corner and perhaps a dance (yes, definitely a dance) before heading off to get that salted caramel mocha I’d been thinking about for over 3 hours!

Sunday – Rest.

Total – 37 miles, 1 hour yoga, 1 hour Zumba.

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    1. Thanks! I have a couple weeks before the taper starts, but it’s sooo nice knowing that i won’t have any more runs starting with a 2 until race day.

    1. Thanks Mint! Oh and the kicker is that my nails exactly match my shirt. Not planned at all, but I managed to look like running Barbie that day! (Great race, BTW!!)