Sassafras’s Training Log – 1.27.13

What a week! My normal routine was all out of whack thanks to the frigid weather and my lack of backup plan (I don’t have a gym membership ย or access to a treadmill at the moment), but I managed to make it through and top 40 miles for the first time this training cycle. I am glad to see that the forecast is looking more promising for the week ahead!

Oh and you can bet I’ll be joining a gym soon! I have a Living Social deal for one month at a swanky gym in town, and I’d been holding onto that sucker for the month I thought would be the worst weather. I’m pretty sure we’re in the thick of it right now. Indoor track, here I come!

Monday – I was off work for MLK Day, so I got in a later-than-normal morning run with a friend and our dogs. We did 4.4 miles at 8:56 pace.

Tuesday – Brr! The morning forecast was for a “feels like” temp below zero, so I ran after work instead to gain some extra warmth – but it was still only 12 degrees! I did 4 tempo miles around 8:35. My trusty canine friend joined me for the warmup and cooldown, and I totaled 8 miles for the day. Not as fast as my tempo a couple of weeks ago, but with the dark, cold and approximately 17 layers I was wearing, I’ll take it!

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Again due to the cold weather, I chose to do a nighttime run. My headlamp got a lot of use this week! I ran 8 miles at 8:58 pace.

Friday – I knew that at some point during this week, I’d likely have to do a night run and a morning run back to back, so I decided this is when I’d do it, to give myself a breather before my long run. I did 3 miles at 10:10 pace… my legs and hips were so tight from the run less than 12 hours prior! It was lightly snowing and so pretty for this run.

English: A glass of chocolate milk.
Mmm, chocolate milk! One of my favorite ways to refuel after a hard run. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday– 18 miles! I was nervous about this run for a number of reasons. For one, as I had told Salty, the weather seemed like it could throw a wrench in things. Then my stomach decided to not play so nice early in the morning. But all was well in the end, after a few treacherous side roads and some extra water and a Gu to calm things down. My friend had a 20 miler, so together we organized people to start the first round of miles with us, and then a new group around the 12 mile mark. It worked out really well! I was pleased with my 9:24 overall pace. A couple of us got brunch afterwards. I always have this debate about if I should go for sweet or savory brunch food, so I got a hearty egg dish but some chocolate milk on the side to fill both my cravings!

Sunday – 75 minutes yoga – very much focused on strengthening the core.

Total – 41.4 miles, 75 minutes yoga

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