Sassafras’s 4.8.19 to 4.21.19 Training Log

Hello! I’m a little behind in sharing my training because my peak weeks happened to coincide with peak work crazy. Happy to have juggling that behind me! Now, on to the deets.

Week of April 8

Monday – Easy 3 (10:14)

Tuesday – Morning: 5.5 miles as a fartlek with 4 minutes on, 2 minutes off. I averaged 8:29 on the speedy segments and bounced back from a slow middle one to close strong. Overall, good workout. Evening: 1 hour yoga.

Wednesday – PM gym session with my husband. Some light lifting and rowed 1,000 meters.

Thursday – 6 miles as 1 mi warmup, 4 miles cutdown pace (each mile faster than the last) and 1 mile cooldown. My cutdown miles were a bit all over the place but the last one was solid.

Friday – Easy 4 (10:23)

Saturday – Off. Huge work event celebrating trees, so obviously I had to pose with a Sassafras tree.Woman poses next to a large cardboard rendering of a Sassafras tree

Sunday – My peak run of this training cycle – 14 miles. This one just ended up being a slog and a long, slow grind. Got a late start due to wanting to avoid thunderstorms that never materialized, then it was just hot and sticky and I didn’t have enough water. TL:DR – literal hot mess. (10:14)

Total: 32.5 miles running, 1 hour yoga, 1 gym session

Week of April 15

This week was weird, schedule-wise. Coming off a Sunday long run always feel like it throws off my routine, but I also needed to condense my workouts so accommodate my long-planned hiking weekend. Being in taper time helped, since I had fewer days to juggle, but it still felt just kinda off.

Monday – Super easy 4 (10:23). Still feeling the 14 from Sunday. I road tested my new shoes and they felt great!

Tuesday – 50 minutes yoga. I had post-work plans, so my usual class wouldn’t work. This 8 AM class at the Y worked out pretty well. It was really focused on balance (not my forte) and I did have to duck out a few minutes early to head to the office, but overall, I liked it!

Wednesday – Tempo on a course I hadn’t done in a while. 5 miles at goal half marathon pace – nailed it! (7 miles total)

Thursday – Easy 5 (10:00)

Friday – Moved my long run to Friday, but thanks to taper, it was only 5 miles. (10:21)

Saturday – Did two separate hikes, for a total of 5.7 miles. The second one would have been longer, but the storm clouds were getting closer and darker so we hightailed it back!

Sunday – Hiked 2.7 miles

Total: 21 miles running, 50 minutes yoga, 8.4 miles hiking

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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