Sassafras’s 10.28.19 to 11.10.19 Training Log

Whew! Those two weeks flew by. If I had to sum them up in three words, I would go with “constant schedule shuffle”. I moved my workouts around quite a bit, but (mostly) got them in.

Week of October 28

I went into this week pretty rattled by the garbage fire of the 20 miler I’d just run. I originally had 22 on the schedule for the following weekend, but my coach hadn’t realized the runs would be 6 days apart, so he dropped it to 16…. but that stressed me out to realize I would only have one 20 in this training block. I spent a large part of the week hemming and hawing over what to do. Seriously, God bless my coach for his patience – and my fellow Salties for their advice/hand-holding!

Monday – Off/post-long run recovery day. Got the flu shot.

Tuesday – Feeling achy, so I moved my run to the afternoon. First run in my new kicks!  4 miler (10:04) at one of my favorite parks.

Wednesday – Crazy weather day. Just torrential rain. I thought I would have a good window if I did it in the afternoon… and then bailed.

Thursday – I had a realllly tight schedule this day. With more rain on the way, 9 miles on tap and an 8 AM coffee date (which is an hour earlier than I normally need to be anywhere), I decided my best option was to get to the gym exactly when it opened and run on the treadmill. I ran 9 miles with the middle 7 at marathon pace. I was super pleased with my splits and even watched a little bit of a horror movie in honor of Halloween. Alas, I forgot that pants should be part of my work outfit, so had to make an uplanned detour home.

Friday – Woke up with really tight calves, so foam rolled and punted the run to midday. It was a nice, brisk 4 miles near my office (9:53 pace).

Saturday – My plan was to start with 16, see how I felt, and add on an extra two if it was going well. I ran with my Philly training buddy; she had 15, so I did a mile early, and then we tackled our mutual 15. It felt good! Not like, “everything is amazing!”, mind you, but like, “yes, I can run a marathon”. I did add on the extra two for good measure since I knew it would be a confidence booster to have that in the tank. (18 @ 10:29 pace)

Sunday – After my Saturday run, I had worked an event and then attended a post-elopement shindig. So when I woke up feeling under the weather, I decided to scrap the 3 miles planned for that day instead of forcing it.

Total: 35 miles

Week of November 4

Monday – Easy 3 (10:08 pace)

Tuesday – Ran in the afternoon since I wanted to vote in the morning, and didn’t know how long lines would be.  I also figured a post-work run would help distract from endless refreshing of the results and Twitter. 5 miles (10:15 pace)

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Unplanned day off. I thought I’d tackle my workout in the afternoon but a combination of rain, traffic jams, not packing warm enough clothes and the time change all meant that, once again, I kicked this one down the road. I did do the Jasyoa High Mileage Reset, though. (34 minutes yoga)

Friday – Why, hello winter! 23 degrees. 5 x 1 mile at 10 seconds faster than marathon pace. (7.25 miles)

Saturday – 3 easy miles. Rather than run in the 20s or 30s, I ran in the afternoon in shorts. Alright, it was chilly, but still much nicer than the day before. (10:03 pace)

Sunday – 14 miles (10:22 pace). My lovely friends helped organize a relay. The first 4 miles with my Philly buddy, the next 5 with her sister and the final 5 with my friend M and her sweet pup! Happy to be done, even happier to get my bagel afterwards.

Total: 32.25 miles running, 34 minutes yoga

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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