Sassafras’s 10.14.19 to 10.27.19 Training Log

Hey, y’all! It’s been a while since I’ve shared a peek at my training, but I’ve been plugging away at the miles and putting in the work. Less than a month to go until the Philly Marathon!

First, a brief summary of how it’s been going: I had been Tetris-ing the shit out of fitting in runs in and around work, which tends to have nontraditional (re: evening and weekend) hours. Then, the week after my dog died, I tripped on some foreign object (walnut? crab apple?) on an early morning run and sprained my ankle. I initially brushed it off, as I’ve sprained my ankle plenty of times, but as it turns out, sprained ankles take much longer to heal at 39 than they do at 17. I ended up scrapping my September half marathon and dropping to the 5K. A little bit of a bummer, but I wanted to get back to marathon mileage as quickly as possible. And… now I’m back! Still living the Tetris life, but mostly making it work. Race day is close enough that I’ve started researching literally all the food in Philadelphia.

Week of October 14

Monday – Lunchtime run with a friend. 4 recovery miles (10:11 pace), nice cool temps, and we reunited a pup with his owner.

Tuesday – Easy 5 (10:47 pace). I felt like my legs were still somewhat bouncing back from Sunday’s 18.

Wednesday – Planned workout got bumped due to torrential rain.

Thursday – I had a long day of conferencing, so got up at 4:55 a.m. to start this one! I ran a mile warm-up, then three repeats of two miles at marathon pace with a half mile rest, and a mile cool-down. 9 miles total. So happy with this one! My coach even said, “Damn good work!”

Friday – Conference again, so ran 4 easy miles (10:00 pace) at 7 p.m.

Saturday – off

Sunday – 13 miles. I scrapped my original plan due to stomach issues, but those luckily went away once I started running. I ran with a couple of friends for the first 5 miles, then lived the podcast life for the remaining 8. (10:14 pace)

Total: 35 miles

Week of October 21

Monday – 5 miles at recovery pace (10:39). Ran with my friend J on an old favorite route that we probably haven’t done in two years!

Tuesday – Morning: 5.5 miles at 10:07 pace. Evening: one hour yoga

Wednesday – So, about that yoga… It was my first in nearly 2 months! I decided to flip my days off and take an unplanned rest day Wednesday and do my workout Thursday instead.

Thursday – And then I was sick. I really wanted to log some miles, but it just wasn’t happening.

Friday – Feeling better, so finally time to do the workout. It was 8 continuous miles: one mile warm-up, two miles at half marathon pace, two at marathon pace, two back down at half pace, then a one mile cool-down. I didn’t quite nail the paces, but I was pleased with how it went, considering that I’d been sick just the day before.

Saturday – I had hoped to make up Thursday’s easy 4 today, but it was pouring rain in my pre-work window and I didn’t want to chance getting sick again. Instead, I just did the Jasyoga Quick Hip Reset

Post-long run, pre-donuts.

Sunday – 20 miles. Dang. This was my longest run since March 2018, and while it was not pretty whatsoever, it is done. Luckily, due to the Saturday rain, I had plenty of company in the form of people who had reschedule their long runs. Nothing was really wrong, exactly, but it was just never quite right, either. My mental game really started to fall apart around 14. Still, done. Hopefully this one will make me stronger on race day. (10:37 pace). After I got home, I did the Jasyoga Quick Post-LR Reset (thanks for the tip, Chicory!).

Total: 38.5 miles running, 1:15 yoga

Southern transplant who loves 90s boy bands, outdoor adventures and college basketball, although not necessarily in that order. Recovering running perfectionist.

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