Salty’s Training Log – 3.30.14 & 4.6.14

Last I left you, I had a minor setback due to a flare-up of hamstring tendonopathy and back pain. A couple of days off of running and I was back and feeling better. This past Wednesday I ย paid a visit to my favorite ART guy (Northeast Ohio people, Tim Keyes has a new practice! Check it out!) ย and now I’m feeling even better! I also had a mini-breakthrough track workout and a great long run this past week that are making me feel mighty optimistic about my in-shapeness.

In other news, this hamstring thing was a wake-up call for me. Yep, despite how good it has been to me all these years, now that the baby is sleeping through the night and the weather is better, it’s time for me to switch to early morning running so I can get my runs in outside. I’ve flirted with early morning running in the past, but even then I resorted to the treadmill (it was winter, anyway). But now it’s time for me to make it my thing. As a busy stay-at-home mom it’s really the only way I can ensure I get my training in and it is so much less disruptive on the rest of the family than really any other time, that it’s what I need to do.

And it’s awesome! I love it. I live on a country-ish road and it’s DARK in the morning, but it’s tolerable with a headlamp for easy runs. I still need to figure out what I am going to do for my tempos. This past week I was lucky enough to be able to start at sun-up since my husband was off, but that will be rare. The one thing that I am finding difficult about early morning runs is that I am so much slower than when I run later in the day. Last week’s tempo was short and easy on paper, but even so I struggled to run less than 10 seconds per mile slower than that! I felt like I was sprinting to run a few seconds under 7:00 pace – eek! I’m hoping it’s just a matter of adjusting. This week I am going to try to hit a neighborhood with street lights and run my tempo even earlier. We’ll see how it goes!

Getting my runs in early means I get to play around with this one at the Y instead of running on the *$%#@ treadmill!
Getting my runs in early means I get to play around with this one at the Y instead of running on the *$%#@ treadmill!

Week ending 3.30.14

Mon: off

Tue: Elliptical for 8 miles alternating 2:00 hard and 2:00 easy (the elliptical I use seems to correlate HR and time to running on the treadmill, so I log the mileage rather than the time.)

Wed: 5 easy on the elliptical

Thu: 7 miles easy around 8:20 pace on the blasted treadmill.

Fri: 9 miles with middle 7 @ 7:17 on the treadmill.

Sat: 14 hilly around 7:40-7:45 pace.

Sun: 7 easy with no watch

Total: 13 miles ellitpical and 37 running

Week ending 4.6.14

Mon: early a.m. 4 easy with no watch and 1 10s hill sprint (gotta start somewhere!) and then 4 more easy later in the morning pushing the stroller (with my 5 year old and baby – the 5 yo is HEAVY!)

Tue: 8 with track (6 x 400 and then 3 x 800 all with 2:00 active recovery. Goal pace for the 400s was 95 and I shocked myself with 91, 85, 85, 85, 86, 87. After that my coach switched me to 800s, which I did in 3:00, 3:05 and 3:02. It got windier and windier as the workout went on. I definitely felt it in the hamstrings by the end of the workout!)

Wed: 5.5 easy on the elliptical during daughter’s gym and swim class.

Thu: 7.25 in the early a.m. Was supposed to be 7:20 pace, but after ART the evening before my legs were super sore. I was pushing and barely got the pace under 8:20! 8:15 average.

Fri: 10 with tempo. Was supposed to be 5 @ 6:50, but despite what felt like hauling ass I only managed: 6:53, 7:01, 7:04, 7:00 and then 6:56.

Sat: 7.5 no watch

Sun: 14 @ 7:29. I had 2 miles at 7:0x and they felt way easier than the 7:0x miles from Friday!

Total: 5.5 elliptical and 54.75 running

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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  1. Do you think all the treadmill running contributed to your hamstring issues? (You mentioned that it was a wakeup call to run outside again.) After my week of no TM, my little niggles seem to have disappeared. My TM is a lifesaver at times, but it does seem to change my stride.

    1. Yes! Specifically speed work on the Tm. I know better, but I pushed it for a couple of weeks doing intervals on the mill and that’s when the hamstrings started acting up. I’m going to try to save the mill for the winter. I do love it and it is a lifesaver, but as with anything there’s a limit to its usefulness!

  2. Is she really a redhead, or is that just the lighting in the photo? So adorable!!!! (and glad your hamstring/back are feeling better too)