Salty’s Training Log – 12.28.14

We had a great Christmas! Cinnamon was home and we spent tons of time together and the kids were so into Christmas this year! On the running front, though, I didn’t quite get the present I hoped for.

So, I’ll just put it out there – I’m injured. Everything was going great. I arrived at the track in the 50+ degree daylight on Tuesday ready for a workout. When I saw what the workout was, I was strangely excited ย for the faster paces. I felt ready to go for it. After feeling constrained by sickness, tiny indoor tracks, bad weather or whatever else had been going on the last few weeks, I really was excited to have good weather and a nice big outdoor track to conquer. Two weeks ago my workout was 6 x 1200 @ 4:30 (6:00 pace) and this week I had 3 x 1200 (4:21), 600 (2:07), 300 (1:03), 300 (1:03), so that’s 5:48 pace down to 5:36 pace. The first set went well. I ran 4:19, 2:07, 1:01, :59. It was hard. I worked really hard to do that, but I was stoked that I could! But then I got to the second set and my right side felt off. I felt this line of tightness from my back down to my calf. I was nervous about it and that nervousness combined with the tiredness of mid-workout led to much slower paces for the second set: 4:28, 2:10, and then I only made it through 250 of the first 300 of the second set. Ouch.

I should have quit after the second 1200. That’s when I knew something wasn’t right. But I felt like maybe I was being a wuss. Until my body broke I didn’t trust my brain that something wasn’t right. ย I tried to jog after, but I only made it 400 meters. Just like 3 years ago, I strained something in my butt that prevented me from opening my stride. Yet, I was hopeful it was way less severe and that I’d be back up and training a couple of days later.

I took 1 whole day off! And then the next day I ran 4 miles super easy with my sister. It didn’t feel great, but I was able to run without it getting worse. On the next day, I ran on trails for 7.5 and it felt fine until the last couple of minutes when it felt a little sore. That afternoon I got a massage. I woke up and everything felt pretty good, so I figured, why not try my tempo. So I joined my friends at the park, proceeded to struggle to run 8:00 pace – my butt was pulling and hurt from go. It didn’t loosen up at all within .25 miles, so as hard as it was I had to say goodbye and walk back to the car. Crying of course. I needed to get out my frustration. I cried to the car. I cried driving home. I sat with my husband and cried some more and then I decided to take it all out on my house and I cleaned all day. I listened to almost the entire season of Serial and packed up old kids’ clothes and other things we don’t need anymore. I cleaned out from under the bed and sorted through mountains of laundry. I set up a book shelf and organized all my books littering our bedroom.

And the next day, Sunday I felt much better. My oldest 2 kids spent the night at my mom’s so I slept for almost 10 hours! I woke up around the time I’m normally finishing up my long run!!! I went grocery shopping early and then hit the Y for some elliptical. ย I made an ART appointment and made an injury plan. A few days of denial, 1 day of anger/sadness and then acceptance. What can you do? So, I’ll be ellipticalling and pool running until my ART appointment at the beginning of next week and then reassess there. I will survive.

The butt of my new plaid tights from Cinnamon. LOVE! Way better than the injury I gave myself!
The butt of my new plaid tights from Cinnamon. LOVE! Way better than the injury I gave myself!

Mon: 7 early and easy

Tue: 8.5 with aborted track workout.

Wed: off

Thu: 4.25 easy with my sister.

Fri: 7.5 easy on the trails.

Sat: .25 run and .25 walk of shame. Many hours of cleaning.

Sun: 65:00 elliptical. Kept heart rate up to high 150s – low 160s.

Total: 27.5 miles and 65:00 elliptical

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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