Salty’s Training Log – 1.19.14

I’ll spare you the excuses. I have been busy. What else is new? Most importantly, I have been religiously doing my physical therapy to rehab my separated abs and if I do a good job, I should be cleared to commence real training in March! This 2 year break I’m on can end any time. I miss working hard!

With this injury, I can’t run really hard and I have to be careful. My abs don’t work properly, so my other muscles have to stabilize my spine. ย In December, my mileage went down the toilet. I think I ran somewhere in the 30’s most weeks. My goal for right now is to run 6 days a week and get back to a solid 50 mile a week base with a long run and a tempo-type run once a week. I’ve run 6 days the past two weeks so I’m doing well and feeling good, except for a sore butt after running 13 miles on an icy trail on Saturday.

Speaking of my run Saturday, I finally met a friend who I’ve wanted to run with forever. She’s also a mom of 3 and she’s getting super fast. She was the perfect date to run for Meg. If you haven’t heard, a woman and mom of 3 from Virginia, Meg Menzies, was struck by a drunk driver and killed on a 13 mile training run last week. The Richmond Road Runners Club hosted a virtual run on Saturday in honor of Meg. So these 2 fellow moms of 3 ran 13 miles and were grateful for every step! I haven’t run more than 10 in weeks and it was all on an icy trail, but the good company and the feeling of immense gratitude made the miles fly by.

It was 14 degrees and my face was frozen, but the run and company were divine!
It was 14 degrees and my face was frozen, but the run and company were divine!

Week of 1.12.14

M: 8 in my basement during the Polar Vortex. Averaged about 8:10.

T: Stuck at home for millionth day in a row (felt like it anyway) thanks to the Polar Vortex. Squeezed in a quick 4 on the mill (7:5x).

W: 8.65 treadmill progression run at the Y. After no fast running in forever, I was worried this would, well, suck really hard. But it wasn’t that bad. Slowly built up from 9:00 pace to sub-6:40. Averaged 7:20ish.

R: 8 easy at the Y. Averaged about 8:10.

F: Another easy one. 7 averaging about 8:10.

Sa: 10 with my favorite Saturday run group on a nice hilly course. No watch – guessing 8:00 pace?

Su: Off for a lazy day with the family!

Total: 45.65

Week of 1.19.14

M: 8 easy at the Y. Averaged about 8:10.

T: 7 miles with a 5k tempo around 6:50. That’s all I had time for before getting son ready for swim class. Jumped back on and did 2 x 4:00 at 6:40 pace. This felt really really not great. I haven’t done a continuous tempo since September, so it’s to be expected.

W: Off for baby’s gym and swim class.

R: 8 easy at the Y. 8:15 pace?

F: 8 easy at the Y. 8:10 pace?

Sa: 13 with my friend KK!

Su: 4 crammed in outside before dark to get in my 6 days this week. Woo!

Total: 48

Salty Running boss and mother of 3 little ones with PRs of 3:10:15 (26.2), 1:25:59 (13.1) and 18:15 (5k). I love to write about running culture, mental training, and fitting in a serious running habit with the rest of a busy life.

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