Salty Sommelier: The best wines to pair with today’s run

It can be hard enough to figure out which wine perfectly matches your Friday takeout pizza. Figuring out which appellation, aroma, and mouthfeel best pair with today’s workout? Seems impossible, but we’re here to help. Follow our handy guide, and never again will the sweat on your brow clash with the grape in your goblet.

Your every-day easy run, nothing special: Pinot noir, the always-drinkable, goes-with-anything pumpkin spice latte of wines.

Weekend twenty miler with your saltiest running buddies: Bardolino! It’s a light red, blended from several grapes, slightly sparkling, dry, and a little bitter (in a good way). Sound familiar?

You just found out you have to miss your goal race due to injury. You don’t want to drink anything, just slam the bottle against a wall in a blind rage: May we recommend a bottle (or several) of the finest two-buck chuck?

Day drinking at the post-stroller-run play date: Sauvignon Blanc. Light, refreshing, and totally disguiseable in a “water” bottle.

Day drinking after your post-yoga two-mile treadmill jog in half-tights and a strappy bra: Chardonnay. A little basic, but it’s okay to embrace that sometimes.

You’re in the throes of marathon training and can’t wait for dinner to be done before you throw one back: Marsala. Pairs well with chicken and hanger.

All kinds of annoying work and life stuff get in the way and you have to do your tempo run at 2 in the afternoon. In July.:  Skip the wine and go directly to beer.

After a long, grueling training cycle, you totally nail your paces in a workout that proves you’re going to get at least a ten-minute PR at your goal race: If you want to save the Champagne for your race, then a toast with Prosecco is the obvious choice!

Three weeks after the champagne-worthy workout, you bomb the race. On the way home, you trip, ripping your favorite tights, and then some asshole tells you to smile: Wine from a box. Extra points if it says “award winning” – just like that workout.

Cozying up on the sofa to read Salty Running after a long day that started with a ten-miler in the early morning darkness because you’re marathon training in January: Cabernet Sauvignon. With notes of spice, olive, vanilla, anise, pepper, and herbs, how could we possibly recommend anything else?

What’s your favorite wine/workout pairing?

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  1. Nothing to add except that picture is amazing and also, thanks for not mentioning nuun cocktails which are a thing I’ve just now heard of and which sound like an abomination.