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imageAt first glance, it might be hard to glean just who’s responsible for Salty Running. There are lots of different writers, and if you look back in the archives there are even more – we’ve had over 60 women share themselves on this site! But there’s one person in particular, one person who, more than anyone else, makes Salty Running go: Laura, the Salty of Salty Running.

She isn’t just our leader though, she’s a friend, a mentor, a writing coach, a running buddy and the best big sister this writer could ever ask for. I won’t say she does it tirelessly, since the constant demands of three little kids and a burgeoning business is apt to run anyone down, but I will say she rises to the challenge every day, and has done so in spite of pregnancy, injury and overtraining having set back her own running career for nearly the entire time we’ve been operating.

Over the last four years she’s written just shy of 500 articles for Salty Running on almost every topic in our archive, and to celebrate having completed her first year as a masters runner I thought I’d share some of her finest work to date.

Before my conversion I often felt hopeless, like reality really does bite.
GenX runners question everything because the establishment is just, like, holding us back. Photo from 5 Reasons this GenX Runner is Converting to Millennialism

Question everything. Expose the Underbelly

Don’t swallow the Kool Ade until you’ve read the ingredients list. Don’t accept what others say if it sounds like bullsh*t. Look around. What’s everyone else doing? Are you sure that’s right for you? “To Gel or Not to Gel,” “Why I Will Always Run Where I Want To,” “How Far Was That Marathon?” show off Salty’s “prove it” approach to giving and taking running advice. And when Gabe Grunewald’s DQ caused many in the sport to erupt in anger, Salty argued that it was actually good for the sport. Never shying from a debate, she even questions what we publish on the site! There are two sides to every coin.

One of my favorite interviews on the site was with Suzy Favor Hamilton. At a time when general media was covering Suzy and focusing on her career as a high end escort, Salty felt like they weren’t getting to the interesting stuff, so she wrote to Suzy herself. Salty’s questions focus far more on the aftermath of Suzy’s running career and running with bipolar disorder.

Training is riding a series of fine lines.

It’s so hard to know where the line is between overload and overload. Ironically Salty wrote “Approach Your Limit. Don’t Jump the Shark.” long before she realized she was deep in a tangled web of overtraining, but ‘Don’t jump the shark’ has become as ubiquitous at Salty Running as “the hay is in the barn.”

Early on in our history, Salty set a precedent for training advice that is as much about mental approach as it is about the physical, and the basic true-ism, “Hills Only Suck if you Think They Do” is a great example of that. For anyone like Salty who always wants to know the facts, the simple lie-to-me trick within might be tough to swallow, but somehow Salty is able to coat it just right. The secret? Check out “Changing the Way You Think Isn’t Enough: You Have to Change What You Believe” and you’ll realize how much deeper our fears and negative self-talk are rooted in untruths we’ve come to believe, yet never challenged.

I loved “Running, the Perfect Place for the Perfectionist to Hide from Her Messy Life” because it was so honest and real and I related to it so much. It helped me to step back and reevaluate why I run, what I wasn’t dealing with because of running, and how to incorporate running as a healthy part of my entire life. – Cilantro

Every day we can run is a gift.

Salty and baby Salty
Just weeks after we launched the site, Salty reported a big announcement. Thus was born the opportunity for much pregnant running advice … and a new niece for me!

In articles like “A Matter of Time,” “What Overtraining Taught Me About Running” and even the hilarious and kind of pathetic “Live from My Bed,” Salty shows off a softer side. Her love of this sport and the community around it runs deep to her core and not even her third baby and third round of morning sickness could keep her away.

One of my favorite Salty posts will always be “On the 12th Day of Christmas Running Gave to Me: 12 Chicks a’ Hatchin’”. It’s such a raw and real reminder that we all have our reasons for running, and have reasons to be grateful that we are able to do it. It’s not selfish to run if it makes us better people, if it connects us to people/places/things, it’s not selfish to run simply because we want to.  Sometimes Salty just knows how to put into words what we are all thinking but don’t know how to articulate. – Barley

You can learn something about running from anything.


If you’re not laughing your ass off, you’re doing it wrong.

Salty has her own peculiar sense of humor it’s true, and I confess, I don’t always get it, like with the Presidential Candidate Quiz, or 5 Winter Olympic Backup Plans. But every once in a while she s’nails it, like in “5 Products Runners Need to Avoid Embarrassment” or  “5 VIP Race Perks I Must Have.”

Clean Eating for Salty Runners: Let’s Eat Like Our Ancestors!” is a shining example of Salty getting all the Saltines together to make something great – just like she did with Salty Running!

Happy Birthday, Salty! THANK YOU for everything you do!

Cinnamon made Salty Running, takes lots of pictures and drinks lots of coffee. By day she's a camera assistant for films and tv in New York, and by night she's on a quest for zen in the 10k. Her writing is a mix of satirical humor, finding wholeness as an average runner, cheering for runners at all paces and more.

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  1. Kudos to you, Salty, for creating this informative and inspirational site. You have connected a community of women runners who live regular lives, yet push themselves to be extraordinary athletes.

    I am two days away from my goal marathon (I’ll be looking for ya in Fargo, Pumpkin!), feeling the taper crazies and pre-race jitters. I’ve depended on this site throughout my training cycle for tips, motivation, kinship and sometimes levity (that recent Cookbook post was hilarious.)

    Thanks for all your writing, organizing, delegating, reporting– among MANY other things, I’m sure–things that keep this site fresh, fun and so engaging.

    Happy birthday!