Sage’s Training Log: 9.20-9.27.2015

Spring Lake Park near Santa Rosa where we walk/hike.
Spring Lake Park near Santa Rosa where we walk/hike.

The week flew by: not so much powered by running as preparing for yet another move!ย After months of indecision about a more permanent home, we’ve decided Boulder! I am excited yet apprehensive as we’ve not lived in four-season weather for a very long time. We love the beauty, the mountains, the trails, the athletic community, the philanthropic opportunities (I especially focus on children/women/health in my interests), and the walkability of the area, though, so among our choices, Boulder won! Now all the details of gathering up once again and finding new community take precedence.

This week was also part of my taper plan for the Portland Half Marathon (can I run it? can I run it at decent pace? will my hamstrings cooperate? what’s the weather going to be like? ahh, so many questions): some running, some active recovery, some days without any particular focus on my body!

Sunday: Biking around town after long run on Saturday

Monday: An unusual tempo run: 6 miles alternating each mile between marathon pace (what would that be as my last marathon was CIM in 2009?) and half marathon pace. This generally worked, i.e., slower mile, then faster mile, and repeat, although I had some difficulty locking in on HMP. Hope race has pacers for the half.

Tuesday: swim (1m); bike around town

Wednesday: Run 6miles (intentionally slow & easy)

Thursday: Swim (1m); walk (5m); Pilates (focus on stretching back, shoulder and lats)

Friday: Run 8 miles (intentionally slow & easy)

Saturday: Made fig bread as our trees are so full (very happy birds) using almond flour and coconut as base ingredients (great for any Paleo-lovers). Delicious post-run or bicycle ride.

Fresh black figs from our front yard!
Fresh black figs from our front yard!

This week: Packing. A few 30 minute runs. Interview with W. Caitlin Smith (2012 and 2016 OTQ in marathon) on Thursday. Travel to Portland on Friday!


I'm a senior masters runner. I write about my running journey and topics of interest to runners of all ages. My current goal is to maintain of steady base of road and (new to me) trail running, with some 5k, 10k, and half marathons throughout the year.

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  1. Portland is beautiful this time of year! And I think the weather is supposed to be good for the Marathon festivities : ) If you want suggestions of places to eat, things to do, etc. let me know!

  2. Thanks! My sister has lived in Beaverton area for over 40 years so the run is excuse to visit with her and family. I grew up in southeastern Washington so also have old high school friends in the area to visit….and the coffee shops/food trucks are a familiar sight to us. Looking forward to it.

  3. Boulder sounds like a great move for you. The running community is supposed to be amazing there (you’ll be running ultras before you know it). Hope your body cooperates on the half!